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Mastering the Perfect Swoop Bangs (Guest Blogger)

We all deal with them on a regular basis. Our dreaded bangs! Whether we wear them down, pin them back, braid them, poof them, you name it; bangs can sometimes be a pain in the…forehead?

It wasn’t until about half-way through college until I perfected the “swoop” bangs. Many of my friends, or at least those with bangs, were constantly asking how to get the perfect swoop. So friends and blog-readers, I’m here today to share the secret with you.

Swoop Bangs My sister and I share the same love for the swoopy bang. Oh, and did I mention, she learned from me...

First – The cut. It is important that you cut them correctly. If you're getting bangs for the first time, definitely go to your stylist. They will help you get the perfect cut for your face shape based on your hair texture. In between salon visits, try a trim yourself. Bangs are one of the easiest things to cut yourself. Just remember, always cut them at a longer length than you would want them to be after drying. Point your scissors up and snip at the ends so that the bangs are more wispy.

Bangs_BeforeandAfter My friend, Nicole, wanted bangs when we were on a cruise together one Spring Break. I made it happen.

Second – The blow dry.  When blow drying your bangs, it helps to use a round brush. However, if you don’t have one available, blow dry your bangs forward, down over your eyes.

Third – The swoop.  Once your bangs are completely dry, it’s time to flat iron. Run the straightener from the root of your bangs to the ends in a rainbow fashion, curving out, straight away from your forehead. It will feel like your styling your bangs like they did in the 90’s, but I promise you, this works.

 90s Bangs This will not be you. I promise.

Finally, instead of straightening out away from your face, take a couple swipes in the direction of your part. Then, voila! You’ve mastered the perfect swoop.


LynzeeLynzee McDowell is an outgoing and ambitious Marketing Coordinator for a small hospital in Greensburg, Indiana.  I function on the right side of my brain a majority of days and consider myself a leader with a passion for creativity and innovation! I have a slight obsession with the “girly” things in life and I’m always trying new things when it comes to fashion, beauty and hair.

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