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Hair Trick For Curly Girls: Pineappling

We're not talking about the fruit, here! Well, the shape maybe. We're referring to a cool hair trick used by curly girls.

Pineappling is a hot trend among our curly and natural-haired ladies that involves bunching the hair at the top of the head to protect and preserve the curls while sleeping. It prevents the hair from damage like breakage and frizz, especially when moisturized and wrapped in a sleep cap or head scarf. Not only can this method protect your hair, but it can also help elongate your curls.

Let us guide you in "the art of pineappling"!

For long hair:

pineappling for curly hair

1. Gather your curls at the top of your head and loosely tie with a hair tye or scrunchie (the ONLY time scrunchies are appropriate!). If you tie too tight, you will end up with major creases, so try to make it as loose as you can without the hair falling out.

2. Pull the hair out of the tie so that the curls are cascading in a "high pony".

3. Wrap your head in a scarf or cap to protect your strands as you sleep. Wala! It's as easy as that!


For shorter/natural hair:

pineappling for natural hair
1. You will need to start by sectioning off bunches of your hair: one or two on top, one on each side, and one in the back. Sounds very "circus-clown" - we get it! But lets just refer to this method as "Mini/Multi Pineappling".

2. Bunch the curls together and tie them with a loose hair tie.

3. Wrap hair in a sleep cap for overnight protection. Yes, this route is JUST as easy!

The result will be good-as-new second day curls! For our natural-haired ladies, your coif may need a little pick-me-up. Using a moisturizer on your hair and fluffing it out will make for gorgeous, refreshed curls!

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