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Pool Pretty Hairstyles

Pool Pretty Hairstyles

There is one line you can count on 99% of girls to say at the pool.  Take a wild guess, I bet you will be right… Ready?  Here it is: “I just don’t want to get my hair wet!”  Well then why in the world did you come to the POOL?!  (To show off my new suit and work on a killer tan, duh)  We all know the second these words are spoken it becomes an instant challenge for all to be the first one to get her completely soaked!

But what is the real reason girls do not want to get their hair wet?  Well, because we arrived to the pool looking so darn cute and frizzy, pool-dried hair is not the look we are trying to leave with!  Not to worry though – the Jada girls searched and, with a little hair product to help the hold, we found three hairstyles to keep you pretty at the pool, even with wet hair!


Style 1: Scrunch Your Way to Perfect Waves

If you’ve got even the slightest bit of wave to your hair, learning to scrunch will be one of the best things you ever did.  Because this is such an effortless style, it is perfect to do right after hopping out of the pool.  Without much time to spend styling your hair and a shortage of mirrors, this ‘do is one you want to be able to call on!  Check out tips on how Lindsey scrunched her pool pretty hair:




1) First, use Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie Daily Leave-in Tonic to add moisture back into your hair once you get out of the pool.

2) Spray Paul Mitchell FirmStyle Freeze and Shine Super Spray through your hair to prepare it to hold the scrunch.  (A spray hairspray will work better than an aerosol spray)

3) As you let your hair air dry, simply give it a little scrunch every 3-5 minutes!


Style 2: Braid It, Baby! 

A cute braid is the perfect go-to style to keep hair looking pool pretty!  For my girls with longer hair, braids are an answered prayer in the battle of taming wet pool hair.  Providing structure, your hair will be out of your face and controlled in a stylish fashion.  What’s even more phenomenal about a braid is its ability to prevent your long hair from getting tangled and snarly after you take a dunk in the pool.  Try out this fishtail braid I used for my long hair:

French Braided fishtail


1) If you have bangs, start by pinning them back.

2) Separate hair into two sections.  (We will call them section1 and section 2)

3) Simply grab a small section from section 1 and cross it over to become part of section 2.

4) Next, grab a small section from section 2 and cross it over to become part of section 1.

5) Repeat steps 3 & 4 until fishtail braid is complete!

6) Before your hair dries, use Paul Mitchell FirmStyle Freeze and Shine Super Spray to keep unwanted frizzies from poofing up your braid.

7) Add Sebastian Halo Mist for extra shine and, more importantly, to protect your hair from harmful UV rays.


Style 3: Pin Curls into a Loose Updo

For all the extra curly haired chicas out there, a loose updo is a brilliant solution to tame pool hair.  You might not think of an “updo” as easy business.  But, with your beautiful curls spinning wild and tight from the water, a couple spins and a few pins will hold your hair cute and controlled!  Try out this loose side updo Megan styled in less than 3 minutes:

loose side updo


1) Scrunch hair with Aquage Thickening Spray Gel.  This will help control any frizzies that want to form and will help hold hair in place as you begin to style it.

2) Pull hair off to one side.

3) On the opposite side, begin twisting hair from behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, and finish the twist on the side most hair was pulled to.  Use a bobby pin to secure.

4) Now, on the hair-heavy side, begin pinning up little sections.  No need to pin every strand of hair, “loose” is the key word for this updo!

5) Finish this look with Paul Mitchell FirmStyle Freeze and Shine Super Spray for extra support and to keep your curls under control.


Check out our latest Fox segment for even more tips and tricks to get these styles!


Jada Team

No more avoiding the water and sitting posted poolside.  With these three styles on hand, you never have to worry about getting your hair wet at the pool again!  Keep it effortless at the pool while still looking your best!  Remember, a bit of product is your secret weapon to making your style stay and keeping the frizzies away!

For the love of hair and fun at the pool,

The Loxa Beauty Team


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