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Pregnancy Hair Care - Part 1

Pregnancy Hair Care - Part 1

No part of a woman’s body is spared during the hormonal roller coaster that is pregnancy. Moms-to-be go through countless changes emotionally and physically, including hair. As if mood swings and constant fatigue weren’t enough! Read on to learn how pregnancy affects your hair.

Hair changes during pregnancy

Your oil-producing glands can either speed up or slow down production when you’re expecting. What does this mean? It can cause your normally straight hair to become wavy or your previously dry hair to become oily. While it can be frustrating to be (temporarily!) starting over with a new hair type, make the best of it by wearing quick and easy styles and ponies that work for every hair type!

On the bright side, pregnancy often causes increased hair thickness! Kate Hudson's hair is usually on the thinner side, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the gorgeous picture above. Because high estrogen levels extend the "anagen" (or growth phase) of the hair and slow down the "telogen" (or resting phase), moms-to-be often experience thicker and more luxurious hair. Oh la la!

Switching up your products might give your hair an extra boost. Consider organic and pregnancy-friendly products. Hypoallergenic options are out there, too!


Postpartum Hair Loss

Finally! Your little one has arrived and you can say bye-bye to that pregnancy body drama! Not quite... many new moms experience hair loss, especially during shampooing. Though it is hard not to freak out watching clumps of hair fall down the drain, keep in mind that this is totally normal. In this case, hair loss is caused by your sky-high estrogen levels returning back to normal. Unfortunately, this loss could last a few months. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the lost hair will usually be replaced within six to twelve months.

Stay tuned for information on which salon services are safe during pregnancy and how to pamper yourself in part 2 of our pregnancy hair care series!

IMPORTANT: Experts strongly recommend checking with your OB/GYN before undergoing any chemical processes during your pregnancy. This includes getting your hair colored, chemically straightened, keratin and smoothing treatments, or permed. It is always better to be safe than sorry... even if it means waiting on that root touch-up! 

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