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Pregnancy Hair Care - Part 2

As we mentioned in part 1 of our pregnancy hair care series, your hair can go through some serious changes while expecting a little one. Read on to learn about playing it safe when it comes to your locks.

Pregnancy Hair Care - Part 2

What is safe? What isn’t?

Think twice about getting your hair colored, chemically straightened, keratin and smoothing treatments, or permed during your pregnancy. Experts suggest skipping any chemical processes, especially during the first trimester. Because of this, most stylists recommend that clients seek out their OB-GYN's advice before heading to the salon for any of these treatments.

Some companies offer natural, vegetable-based dyes that can be used as a substitute to synthetic chemicals, but they can be tough to find. Check with your stylist to see if this is an option.

Treat yourself!

All moms-to-be deserve some serious pampering. Head to your stylist's chair for a new cut, blowout or even extensions! While you're there, get tips from your stylist on pregnancy and postpartum hair care.

And don't stop there! Try a relaxing massage, pedicure, and facial. Feeling relaxed and good about yourself will help you glow on the outside. New mama Beyonce looks better than ever with pretty pony and glowing skin. You can bet she didn't miss a spa treatment during those long 9 months.

beyonce pregnancy hair care

We’d love to hear your tips for managing hair changes during pregnancy! Are you looking for more personalized advice? Don’t hesitate to contact your hairstylist! He or she will help you look and feel your best during a time when you might need an extra boost.


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IMPORTANT: Experts strongly recommend checking with your OB/GYN before undergoing any chemical processes during your pregnancy. This includes getting your hair colored, chemically straightened, keratin and smoothing treatments, or permed. It is always better to be safe than sorry... even if it means waiting on that root touch-up! 

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