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Products to Help Transition from Summer to Fall

Finally. The heat is dissipating and with it one of hair’s most tenacious frenemies, humidity. While the extra boost of moisture from heavy summer air is nice,  I know I always sigh a huge breath of relief when I feel that first cool breeze at the end of summer.  September still brings bright sunny days that inspire us to keep baring our skin and wearing our hair down, but without excessive heat to make us sweat and frizz out.  It’s time to put away the smoothing creams, oils, and sprays that we use obsessively to keep frizz at bay or give us sexy beach waves, and turn our attention to cooler weather favorites to help keep our hair healthy and strong.

It is important to protect your hair from over-drying during the cooler months, which can cause a list of issues, frizz included again.  The dry heat used to keep us warm in the winter can dry out tresses, causing it to break, or be limp and lifeless.

In order to prevent winter hair problems before they start, here are five products to help successfully transition your tresses from summer to fall.

Volumizing Styling Products

Fall and winter means we get to add cute, stylish hats to our accessorizing, but it's always hard to justify styling hair if a hat is just going to squash it.  Volumizing products, such as Kenra Volume Mousse 12, are a great way to shake your hair back into place after the hat comes off.

Kenra Volume Mousse 12

Taylor Swift's hair looks voluminous, healthy, and sexy under a cute beanie.

taylor swift in beanie hat


Dry Scalp Care

Heat can cause other head issues besides over-drying and flattening hair.  Like the rest of our skin, scalps can become too dry from winter heat as well, making our heads itchy and dry, which means flakes and discomfort.  Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Products are made with a unique Australian Tea Tree oil that provides serious hydration for the scalp, keeping hair healthy from the roots to the tips.

paul mitchell tea tree hair products

Thermal Protection

Thermal protectants should be considered a mandatory requirement for those who love to style with heat tools, such as straighteners and curling irons.  They prevent hair from becoming brittle and from ends splitting, both of which lead to increased hair breakage.  For the winter, look for products that also moisturize.  Added bonus: they help hold styles longer too! Try a thermal protectant like Aquage Beyond Body Thermal Spray.

Finishing Spray

Finishing sprays are a more flexible hairspray, and are a solid option for winter since you aren't battling humidity.  More importantly, finishing sprays also block your mane from static electricity, so are a must have for fall and winter. Try a non-aerosol version like Big Sexy Hair's Spritz and Stay Intense Spray.


Now that you’re stocked and ready to rock great, healthy hair into fall and eventually winter, it’s time to bust out the cute beanies, scarves, and jackets and enjoy the fresh beauty that the change in season brings.

For the love of hair and fall,


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