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Pump it Up | Volume Tutorial from AG Hair

The bigger the hair, the closer to heaven, right? Big hair always means fabulous. Some of us have thick hair, so it doesn’t take much to get major volume. But some of us, well… we just don’t. That’s where AG Hair’s volume line comes in.

Products like Thikk Wash and Bigwigg are packed with panthenol, keratin and silk proteins. This ingredient combo works to plump-up individual hair strands adding tons of moisture, and create unbelievable fullness, body and shine.

One look in the mirror and you’ll be saying, “Kim KardashiWHO?!”

Pump it Up | Volume Tutorial from AG Hair


What you’ll need to get the look:

AG Hair Thikk Wash and Thikk Rinse
AG Hair Foam
AG Hair Bigwigg
Round brush
Blow dryer
Soft velcro rollers
AG Hair Frizzproof


Start styling!

1. Wash and condition using Thikk Wash and Thikk Rinse, which provides a solid foundation for all this volume.

2. Towel dry and apply Foam to damn hair. The Foam will protect your hair from heat damage while discouraging frizzies.

3. Spray Bigwigg directly on your roots.

4. Begin blow drying in small sections with a round brush. Focus on creating lift at the roots and soft waves.

5. Roll hair into velcro rollers as it cools.

6. Once your hair is cool, spray with Frizzproof throughout hair.

7. Gently remove rollers.

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