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Repair & Remedy Locks with Framesi Hair Treatment Line

In addition to their color-enhancing Color Lover line, magical Primer 11 spray and array of styling products, Framesi's Hair Treatment Line offers products that remedy most hair and scalp issues.

Our bloggers put Framesi Hair Treatment Line products to the test - here's what they thought.


framesi hair treatment line - chrissy


Hair type/texture: Thick & wavy.

Product tried: Framesi Hair Treatment Line Dry Scalp Shampoo

What Framesi says: Framesi Hair Treatment Line Dry Scalp Shampoo is our specific treatment to eliminate and contrast the return of micro-organisms causing dandruff. With a delicate surfactant system, this Framesi shampoo cleanses respecting the hydro-lipid film, soothes itchiness fast and makes any hair type soft, docile and well-conditioned.

What Chrissy thought: Winter is a terrible time for my hair and scalp. Because I have so much hair, and because it has a tendency to dry out, my scalp uncontrollably itches 99% of the time. I used Framesi Hair Treatment Line Dry Scalp Shampoo ONE time, and my scalp was no longer itchy, my hair was hydrated and I didn’t get dandruff like I normally do. Hello, amazing!


framesi color lover primer 11 - carla


Hair type/texture: I have a lot of thick hair. It can easily  waves and holds most curl. It dries straight, but I still like to flat iron my hair for extra smoothness.

Product tried: Framesi Hair Treatment Line Oily Hair Shampoo

What Framesi says: Framesi Hair Treatment Line Oily Hair Shampoo is our specific detergent for fatty scalps with delicate surfactants. This shampoo restores the hydro-lipid barrier balance and soothes itching and redness. Physiologic A pH , ideal for all hair types leaves hair soft, hydrated, manageable, light and full of volume.

What Carla thought: I LOVED Framesi Hair Treatment Line Oily Hair Shampoo! It's my new go-to shampoo. It smells great, lathers and rinses well. This shampoo leaves my hair soft and shiny - and it really does cut back on the oil! With this shampoo, I can go 3-4 days without washing and only apply dry  shampoo once. It's seriously a miracle product.


framesi hair treatment line - nikki


Hair type/texture: Natural, coarse & frizzy.

Product tried: Framesi Hair Treatment Line Sublimis Argan Oil

What Framesi says: Framesi Hair Treatment Line Sublimis Argan Oil is a protective, regenerating treatment. Its rich formula combines the incomparable virtues of oil of Argan with a vitamin, conditioner and protective filter mix. This oil responds to the various needs of different hair types: it hydrates dry hair, revitalizes treated hair, and has an anti-age action on mature hair.

What Nikki thought: Framesi Hair Treatment Line Sublimis Argan Oil smells delicious! It's just the right consistency - not too thick, not too thin, not too heavy, not too light. My hair just soaks up some oils like water, but this product left my hair feeling nourished and really soft.


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