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Repair Water Damaged Hair with Malibu C

Repair Water Damaged Hair with Malibu C

You'd think water would be the one element that's always 100 percent safe for your hair, right?

Unfortunately, that's simply not true. Different types of water can be just as harmful to your hair as too much heat, over-styling, over-processing and more. Luckily, Malibu C has you covered. Repair water damaged hair with these tips (and, of course, some help from Malibu C).


Problem: Hard Water

What hard water does to hair:

The term "hard water" is used to describe water that has a high mineral content. Higher minerals decreases soap's lathering abilities, which means you'll need more soap and shampoo than in soft water.

In addition to depleting your products faster, hard water makes your hair feel rough and tangly. Since your hair is tangled and rough, it's harder to rinse out all of the shampoo and conditioner - which can result in a build-up of film on your hair. This build-up causes your hair to become brittle and lifeless over the course of time.


How to know if your hair is damaged from hard water:

If your hair is looking dull and lifeless, has lost its shine and bounce, and will no longer hold curl or styles, hard water could be to blame. If you don't know if you have hard water in your area, contact your city reps to find out more about the water in your area. If your water comes from  well, there's a very good chance hard water is the culprit.


How to repair and prevent hard water damage:

To repair damage your hair already has, you need the right arsenal of products. The first step?  An in-salon Malibu Makeover.  This two-step wellness treatment is performed exclusively in the salon and transforms tone, texture, vibrancy, and strength of hair.

Follow up the treatment with Malibu C's Hard Water Wellness Kit is specifically formulated to take on the damage caused by hard water and restore hair to its former glory.

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit is the number one defense system against mineral and other elements hiding in hard water and well water. This 100% vegan kit instantly removes and prevents discoloration, dryness, damage and dullness, unleashing purified, weightless strands, unmatched body and shine.


Problem: Chlorine

What chlorine does to hair:

Chlorine's chemicals can wreak havoc on hair. What most people don't know is that in the hotter summer months, bacteria grows in water at a rapid growth. Therefore, water treatment facilities over-react by adding more chlorine to local water. Often, there is more chlorine than is required in swimming pools in the US. Dallas is a prime example, as chlorine levels there have been reported at triple the required level necessary for swimming pool safety.

Chlorine removes hair's natural oils, resulting in loss of shine and flexibility. It also makes hair more susceptible to other types of damage, such as from heat styling. In all, chlorine's chemicals make hair strands weak, brittle, dry and damaged - none of which you want for your hair.


How to know if your hair is damaged from chlorine:

If you frequent the pool and start to see any change in your hair's texture, it's a sure sign you have damage from chlorine. Chlorine strips hair of its natural oils, which leaves it super dry, brittle and susceptible to further damage. Ladies with chemically treated, color-treated, light-color and/or thin and fine hair are especially at risk for chlorine damage. Chlorine damaged-hair tends to feel very dry, frizzy and a bit like straw.


How to repair and prevent chlorine damage:

It's almost impossible to avoid the chlorine, especially due to the fact that it is common in shower water across the country, thus it is not beneficial to "wet down the hair with regular water prior to jumping into the pool" as there will still be significant chlorine exposure as a result.

To repair existing damage, try Malibu C's Superior Swimmers Wellness Kit to maintain hair after your in-salon Malibu C treatment. This kit - used all over the world by amateur and professional swimmers alike - is the ultimate tune-up tool for keeping your hair in tip-top shaper. This 100% vegan kit is created especially for swimmers and helps you look and feel your best - both in and out of the pool.


Problem: Salt Water

What salt water does to hair:

The most prevalent effect of salt water on hair is dryness. Although it's naturally occurring in nature, salt water leeches moisture from your hair - which means it literally dehydrates your strands.


How to know if your hair is damaged from salt water:

If you frequent the beach and your hair is super dry and brittle, you've most likely got salt water damage. While a little bit of salt can give your hair some great beach waves, too much can cause some huge problems.

Think of it with food: A little salt is just enough to give food the right taste, but too much and your dinner is completely ruined. (Not to mention how thirsty you get!) Your hair is exactly the same way - too much, and it's dying for hydration.


How to repair and prevent salt water damage:

To prevent damage, keep hair out of the surf as much as possible. Don a beach-worthy 'do to keep your locks out of the water. To repair existing damage, grab Malibu C's Superior Swimmers Kit. In addition to chlorine, this kit nourishes, strengthens and protects hair while preventing damage and discoloration caused by exposure ocean water. It also restores manageability, vibrancy and moisture while adding unmatched shine, flow and movement of hair.


Which Malibu C treatment is right for you? Your stylist will know best. Before starting your in-salon treatment, Your stylist will do a consultation to determine which customized Malibu C wellness kit is best for your specific hair type. Ask your stylist about this treatment at your next visit - it's a must to maximize the look and staying power of your color.

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