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Salon Spotlight: Beehive Beauty Shop

We are so excited to have the fabulous Beehive Beauty Shop in Wasilla, Alaska as the first salon in our Salon Spotlight feature. We caught up with owner and stylist extraordinaire Jessica Steele to get the buzz on what makes her salon great, being featured on a reality tv show, and styling hair for Alaska's most famous faces.

beehive beauty shop jessica steele The queen bee herself, Jessica Steele

Humble Beginnings: Jessica started Beehive Beauty Shop over 14 years ago. Torn between staying home with her young kids and continuing a career she was passionate about, Jessica put a chair in her garage so she could cut hair for her friends and family and still be a full-time mama.  With business booming, Jessica made the decision to move her family out of her house and turn the entire space into a salon! "I had to decide either to stay small or go big and I thought 'let's go for it'. Its been the best and funniest choice I have made!"

beehive beauty shop hair salon alaska big hair alaska From garage to glam!

What Sets Beehive Beauty Shop Apart: Jessica (a former Matrix educator) and her team of eight stylists are known for color, color, color and setting the standard in design trends. Jessica explains, "I have learned that as an owner and operator it is important to constantly learn new things and keep my staff excited about hair and learning and growing."

With a Facebook fan count just short of 3,000, it is clear that the Beehive team is doing something right. They are serious about developing and maintaining a great relationship with each client. "With today's market its so important to listen to your clients and actually hear what they have to say."

The exciting energy of Jessica and her team is contagious! They make sure every client that comes through the door has a blast and leaves feeling his or her best. Jessica explains, "Our motto is 'Beehive Beauty Shop: Be Beautiful.' It's simple and to the point. We are not a spa, we are exciting and energizing. We are the place to come and feel beautiful."

Jessica even has an eye for design away from the chair. She created an avant garde and inspirational sculpture in the entryway by screwing hot-pink Barbie dolls to the wall. "It represents that we all grew up feeling like we had to 'look' a certain way or 'act' a certain way. So 'screw' that! All around my front door are these barbie dolls that have broken arms or legs or crazy hair. It says that we have all been broken or hurt either by ourselves or by others. You can come through our door and leave it all behind! We will clean you up and help you feel pretty again to send you back out into the world." We can't get enough of Jessica's positivity! 

beehive beauty shop bridal updo jessica steele The Beehive take on a beautiful bridal updo

Palin Pretties and Big Hair Alaska: Oh styling for vice-presidential candidates and starring in their own reality show? All in a days work for this team! Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol both head to Beehive to stay beautiful. The salon's relationship with the Palins helped land them their own reality TV show on TLC: Big Hair Alaska. Jessica wanted to avoid typical reality TV drama and make her clients and the town of Wasilla proud. She worked closely with producers to make sure Beehive team was portrayed truthfully as the supportive group of women and friends that they are. Of the experience, Jessica shares, "It was a feel-good, happy show that empowered all of us and really created a strong bond with our communtity and clients and staff. I was so thankful to have worked with such an amazing producers and with TLC. They were an amazing network and I will always remember that as a wonderful experience." 

beehive beauty shop big hair alaska shoot On the scene for Big Hair Alaska

What's Next: With an impressive resume and a bright future ahead, Jessica has a lot to be excited about! She and her partner just launched Bombshell Beauty, a line of hair inserts that have swept ShopNBC and is coming to stores near you! "It has been an exciting and learning adventure. I am excited about working with other beauty inventors in getting their products to market as well." After being bit by the TV bug, Jessica started Beehive Productions. "I have created a niche market for my salon to be involved in other filming adventures that are happening in our state."

Beehive Beauty Shop (c) Ambience Photography 2011 Jessica working on a stunning half-up style

We love love love Jessica and her team! Think your salon and hairstylist are just as fabulous? Show them some love at Loxa Beauty! We are listening and taking notes ;)

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