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The Science Behind a Good Manicure with CND

The Science Behind a Good Manicure with CND

What are the key essentials for a good manicure? No chips? Lasts about a week? Color vibrancy? One brand, CND, has put science behind their nail polishes for optimum performance.

But what is the actual science behind a good manicure ?

For optimum color vibrancy and long wearing manicures, CND created the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish. CND has altered the formula of what is consider “traditional” polish and for the first time in over 60 years created ground-breaking color that yields seven-day chip-free wear. Can you say AMAZING?

How does this polish last so long you ask? 

CND has the science covered with their Vinylux Weekly Polish System with ProLight Technology™. This nail polish gives your nails durability with exposure to natural light, a must have for any season. While most manicures do require a base coat, the alerted polish only requires a color polish and top coat.

The CND Vinylux Weekly Polish is the perfect polish for people that want a long lasting manicure, but also love to switch their colors more often.

The science behind a good manicure is simple: try out some of the CND products to keep your manicure looking great!

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