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If Sebastian Shaped Your Style

If Sebastian Shaped Your Style

If Sebastian shaped your style… you’d already know that bad hair days don’t exist. So why do terrible, terrible hair days still happen?  Because life is hard, and hair products can be confusing.

I’m sure the overwhelming plethora of options has your head spinning just a little bit.  Not to worry, we are going to tackle them just a few at time.  For starters, we’ll explore Sebastian Professional’s line of Shapers - a.k.a. fabulous hairsprays.

Hairspray, while unfortunately often misused, abused, or overlooked, is one of your most important style-perfecting products.  Sebastian boasts five different levels/ holds of this miracle styling spray, and it's time we all learn how to use it a little better.

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray
Shaper is Sebastian’s award winning, original hairspray. More firm than zero gravity, Shaper is the next-step lightweight, brushable spray. It creates a flexible hold, so hair can maintain its shape while moving with the breeze.

Shaper Zero Gravity is a lightweight, brushable hairspray.  This means it will make styling easier if used right before hair is styled. If used after, it will ensure hair maintains its fresh bouncy feel throughout the day.

Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray

Re-Shaper is a genius twist on traditional hairspray and can be used at almost any point during your styling process. For a root boost, use on damp hair right before you blow-dry. If you want a tousled look, spritz while blow-drying. Or, mist over your finished look for a strong hold. Want to re-work your style and try something new mid-day? Go for it – Re-Shaper will let you “re-shape” your style for up to 18 hours!

Shaper Plus is the next level up in hold.  This medium hold hairspray offers 24-hour control and is ideal when battling humidity because hair won’t become stiff or sticky.


Sebastian Shaper Fierce Hairspray

Shaper Fierce is Sebastian’s strongest hold spray.  It will freeze extreme styles, add extra volume, and structure updos right into place.  A fabulous perk of this product, unlike many other strong hold hairsprays, is that Shaper Fierce leaves a high-shine, glossy finish.

How are you most likely to style your hair?  Now you can pick the Sebastian Shaper hairspray that works best for y.o.u. and your routine!  Never, ever face one of those awful, bad hair days again.

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