Second Day Hair With Olivia Rink: Side Braid Udpo

Second Day Hair With Olivia Rink: Side Braid Updo

Olivia Rink of Lovely Little Style, a Fashion and Lifestyle blog partnered with Loxa Beauty to bring you this easy to do second day hair tutorial. Whether you're running late or just want to add a cute look into your weekly style, this side braid is the perfect go-to.

Products needed:

For added curls, we recommend:

1. Start with second day hair (it doesn't matter if it's curled, straight or wavy), and spray dry shampoo into your roots for a cleaner feel and added grip.

2. After parting your hair, take the section of hair closest to your face and begin a French braid.

3. Continue braiding as a regular braid. Tie braid off with a hair tie, leaving a section of ends out.

4. Wrap a small section of hair around your hair tie to hide it.

5. Pull hair gently out of the braid to make it look fuller and thicker.

6. Pull all hair to side to create a side ponytail. Wrap a small section of hair around hair tie to hide it.

7. Pin with bobby pins to secure if needed. Spray with hairspray to set.

And just like that you've got cute, second day hair! For gorgeous romantic waves from Olivia, see her tutorial here.

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