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5 Ways To Fake A Healthy Glow In The Winter

Winter can be a bit of an awkward season in the beauty department for most of us. Our caramelized summer skin has seemingly turned jaundice-like, and it throws off our whole look from hair, to makeup, even to clothes.

fake tanning in the winter

To salvage and maintain any sort of bronze - some of us go the extra mile in making sure that sun kissed glow sticks around all year long. Some of us appreciate self-tanning options, while others prefer to frequent the tanning bed. As you know, the disadvantages of the tanning bed far outweigh its few benefits. Instead, we've got some healthy options bound to make you brown.


1. The Tea Bag Tan. tea bag tanning

This DIY trick is all the rage in the beauty world right now. It is cheap, and only requires 3 things: water, black tea bags, and a spray bottle. You simply steep 5 tea bags on the stove and allow the tea to cool before filling up the spray bottle. Then step into the shower and evenly spritz the tea onto your body. The color will last for around 4 days! Want to step it up a notch? Go for a double or triple spritz for more color, or try adding a teaspoon of almond oil along with your favorite essential oil for scent and moisture. This option is about as natural as it gets! For more details on the Tea Bag Tan, has you covered!

2. Air Brush. 

airbrush tanning

We get it - popping into the tanning salon around the corner is extremely convenient. But instead of hopping in the ol' box, why not explore a safer option your salon may offer? Air brush tanning is a quick and convenient procedure used with an air-operated tool that mists the dye mixture onto the skin. The results are immediate and can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks. Another pro? It even works on people who don't tan easily! We'll choose this over the tanning bed any day.


3. Tinted Moisturizers.

tinted moisturizer

This is something I, personally, swear by. A tinted moisturizer is multi-purpose; it moisturizes your skin while adding a warm glow at the same time. When used daily, you can forget all of the other options on this list - as it gradually applies a natural-looking tan to your skin the more it's used. Use this a few times daily, post face-wash, and you'll be 'golden'. Jergens Natural Glow Face Moisturizer is a great option that can be found at any local drug store for under $10. Choose the Medium to Tan skin tone cream for quicker color, and the Fair to Medium skin tone cream for a more subtle and gradual color.


4. Self Tanners.

self tanner

Self tanners are another good and convenient alternative to the tanning bed. When applied, the color gradually starts to set in within a few hours of application - so it's perfect to apply before a big night out. But be careful! Self tanners are notorious for streaking and leaving noticeable lines if not blended in properly. When applying, make sure to pay attention to how much you're applying, where, and blending for a natural look.


5. Makeup.

bronzing powder

A good bronzer can be a girl's best friend when she's in desperate and immediate need of some color. A light dust and a few dabs on the face and ta-da! You're glowing in no time. But don't over-do it! The orange, Jersey Shore look is a reality that can come true quickly when too much is applied. Suggestion? Use bronzer modestly and not as a base for the rest of your makeup. In the market for some? Check out your local Sephora for the ultimate bronzer (and makeup!) experience.


This winter, there is no shame in sporting a faux beach glisten. But remember, subtlety is always key and you should always fake it before you bake it!

What methods do you prefer? Have another self tanning option that we should know about? We want to hear it!

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