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Show Stopping Shape: Sebastian Style

Show Stopping Shape

Shaking the scene, transforming texture, re-creating contour – a little unconventional with a lot of character.  Sebastian’s outré flair and chic style sets this brand in an entirely new league of hair product.  Sebastian never crosses the line, they simply re-draw it.  Dramatic style dictates their drive in fashion, and brings a new definition shape.  Any outlandish style you might conjure up – count on Sebastian to hold it!  Check out some of these products to keep your perfect finishing touches in place all day:

Sebastian Shine Crafter

Sebastian Shine Crafter is a “moldable shine wax” among their “flaunt” products and can be applied to both wet and dry hair.  If you just hopped out of the shower, rub a bit in to set a great base for blow drying.  If you’ve just finished up styling, use it to smooth down hair, hold off those frizzies, and shape hair into place while adding a beautiful shine!

Sebastian Craft Clay

Sebastian Craft Clay is a “remoldable matte texturizer” among their “form” products.  This product is great for short to medium length hair and will put that perfect, purposely tousled texture into hair.  This is also great for men’s hair, as it will give a dry and finished look after styling, but still provide great hold!

Sebastian Microweb Fiber

Sebastian Microweb Fiber is an “elastic texturizer” and also among their “form” products.  Rub it into dry hair and it will work to create definition by separating hair fibers and adding a silky finish.  This weightless microweb will leave your hair touchable and moveable.

Sebastian Molding Mud

Sebastian Molding Mud is also among the “form” products and is a “remoldable fiber sculptor.”  If you’ve been trying to figure out how to achieve that wet look – Molding Mud will do the trick!  Work this paste into either damp or dry hair and then style!  If you want a little extra volume, use your blow dryer to infuse a little cold air.  However, if you want that slick, tight holding texture, instead flip the blow dryer to hot air.

Sebastian Matte Putty

Sebastian Matte Putty is among the “form” products as well and is a “soft, dry texturizer.”  This product is light on the hair, is a soft powdery paste, and has a slightly stronger hold than the Craft Clay.  Because it is a paste, it will help hair hold that perfectly tousled look while remaining supple and pliable.  This is also a great one for the men to take advantage of!

Trust Sebastian’s texture products to solve any of your complicated styling needs!

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