Spiral Braid Tutorial

Whether you're headed to a music fest or an outdoor wedding, a braided 'do is sure to impress. Try this quick and easy spiral braid tutorial for your best hair ever.

Spiral Braid Tutorial


Note: For extra hold without the crunch, spritz some Paul Mitchell Soft Sculpting Spray Gel on your locks before beginning.

1. Take a small section of hair from the left side of your hair.

2. Start a Dutch or inside-out braid diagonally to the right, using only hair from the top of your head.

3. Once you reach your right ear, round out the braid and then swing it back diagonally to the left.

4. Braid the remaining hair to the end and tie it off with a clear elastic.

5. Bring the bottom diagonal part of the braid (right before your braided ponytail begins) up to meet the very start of your braid.

6. Pin the braids together with a few bobby pins to start creating a circular shape with the braid.

7. Wrap the end of the braided ponytail into a circle/spiral, then pin into place. Use additional bobby pins as needed to make your braid feel secure against your head, then spray all over with Paul Mitchell Stay Strong Hairspray.

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