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Sport The Short

Whether you are kicking off a new career, heading back to school, or just getting excited to bust out those boots that have been lovingly packed away since last winter, what better way to embrace the season of bold changes and aesthetic transformation than with a statement 'do?!  That's right, ladies... take a cue from celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Katherine Heigl, Emma Watson, and (dare I say it) Miley Cyrus, and sport the short this fall.  From buzz cuts to bobs, style icons everywhere are showing us how to lopp off our locks with glamour and grace.

Katherine Heigl short hair 2012 trend

Chic, low maintenance, and oh-so-cute, short hair is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends of the season, and is sure to keep you looking hot even when the weather gets chilly.  Hair gurus Rodney Cutler and Ted Gibson spoke up on how to turn over a new leaf and rock the short hair trend.

Emma Watson short hair trend 2012 pixie cut

The first thing to keep in mind when preparing to chop your tresses is face shape.  Gibson and Cutler both assure us that short cuts can look good on just about any shape.  An edgier look, like a petite pixie cut with choppy layers, can help downplay the roundedness of a circular face, while a jaw-hugging bob or sideswept bangs are the perfect complements to angular faces with prominent cheekbones.  If you are worried about finding the perfect short-hair trend, check out our guide, and talk to your stylist about how the look you are trying to achieve can be best tailored to your unique face.

Ashlee Simpson Ginnifer Goodwin short hair round face angular pixie bob sweeping bangs

Next, you'll want to consider texture.  While a shorter cut can accommodate any hair type, there are definitely some styles geared more for certain textures.  When discussing your dream 'do with your stylist, be sure to draw upon hair-inspiration from someone with similarly textured hair. If your hair is thick and curly, turn to coarse-haired hotties like Halle Berry for ideas.  And if you rock a straight mane, sleek pixie cuts reminiscent of Jean Seberg are just for you.  If you have an especially wild mane, Gibson suggests considering a chemical treatment to tame it a bit before making the cut.

Halle Berry Jean Seberg short hair cut pixie

A final thing to keep in mind when talking to your stylist is maintenance.  Although short hair is quick and easy to style on a daily basis, it involves way more frequent trips to the salon than most longer styles do.  Popular cropped tops this season such as overlay and shag cuts, in particular, rely on precise angles and layers to keep your style fresh and trendy.  The bottom line is: if you are getting a shorter cut, be prepared to schedule regular trims, lest your 'do loses its shape and, as Gibson cautions, "joins the mullet family".

Jamie Lee Curtis overlay shag short hair choppy edgy

Above all, stick with a cut that emphasizes your own style, and rock that mini mane like the   style blazer you are.  This season's strong-silhouetted hair trends are about taking risks and strutting your confidence; don't shy away from it, embrace it!

Michelle Williams Viola Davis Morena Bassarin January Jones Audrey short hair trend 2012

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