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Steal Emmy Rossum's Red Carpet Look with CHI

Steal Emmy Rossum's Red Carpet Look with CHI

Emmy Rossum, star of Showtime's Shameless - and all-around gorgeous, fashion-forward it girl - stunned at the MET Ball 2014 in a bright floral dress and old Hollywood-inspired hair. Steal her finger wave style with the help of CHI and this simple tutorial.

Steal Emmy Rossum's Red Carpet Look with CHI

You will need:


Let's get started.

1. Start by working CHI Volume Booster through damp hair to add hold and shine. Blow dry smooth.

2. Section off the very front section, and clip it out of the way temporarily.

3. Flat iron the rest of your hair so it's smooth and shiny.

4. Release the front section of hair. Use the CHI ARC curler to create indentions in this section, making literal "waves" in the hair (resulting in a soft retro finger wave).

5. Work some CHI Pliable Polish through the strands on either side of your face to add texture, smoothness, hold and shine.

6. Pull the strands on either side back smoothly to create a mid to low ponytail, incorporating all of the hair except the front wavy section. Secure the pony with a clear elastic.

7. Smooth the pony with CHI Pliable polish, then twist it into a low chignon. Pin it against your scalp to secure it.

8. Spray CHI Infra Texture Hairspray all over to hold the 'do in place and prevent flyaways.

9. Gently pull the wavy front section back to join the pony (but allowing the waves to keep their shape), then pin them against your scalp. Spray again with Infra Texture Spray.

10. Once all is secure, spray all over with CHI Shine Infusion for shine, and then with CHI Helmet Head for extreme hold.

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