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Style to Your Own Beat: How Indie Hair integrates into the music community

Hair is a lot like music. We have classics that we all love, like a beautiful French twist and an old Frank Sinatra song. Or maybe you prefer late 70s glam rock like Blondie with bleach blonde bangs to match. But as music evolves, so does hair and beauty. And there is nothing as fresh and exciting as a remix.




Indie Hair is a brand new line of seven styling products designed to perform solo or collaborate on a remixed style all your own.

When it comes to the relationship between art and beauty, Indie Hair is leading the way. As the official on-screen partner for the Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour, Indie Hair always has a leg up on emerging artists and bands. Don’t miss the Indie Hair blog, which frequently highlights independent artists and musicians.

Style to your own beat with Indie Hair’s line of edgy products. Looking for something smooth? Mix polish #mixitsoft with gel #mixitstrong into damp hair and blow out hair for a soft style. Get wild waves in a flash with this product combo: mix polish #mixitsoft with putty → clay #wreckit to damp hair and scrunch dry. Once dry, use a large barrel iron to create sexy, long-lasting waves.

Which style is your jam? Make it happen with Indie Hair.

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