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How To Style Celeb-Inspired Bangs

Bangs are always in. Just take a look at the big screen – or the silver screen, for that matter! Many of the hottest celebrities out there are rocking seriously stunning bangs. From Zooey Deschanel to Kerry Washington, one thing is for sure: there are plenty of exciting ways to wear them.

Are you ready to snag swoon-worthy bangs of your very own? Then you’ll need to learn how to style them properly. Don’t worry - our how-to guide makes it easier than ever to get the celeb bangs you're after. There is no time to lose, so let’s get started!

Thick Blunt Bangs

Celeb Bangs Inspiration - Zooey Deschanel Thick Blunt Bangs


When it comes to celebrity bangs, no list would be complete without Zooey Deschanel. That’s right, the queen of bangs herself! This New Girl star has taken thick, blunt bangs and turned them into her signature style. In fact, she claims to have been wearing blunt bangs since she was two years old. Talk about making a serious commitment to your style.

Thick blunt bangs are great for a couple of reasons. They give you a bold and dramatic look – while drawing attention to your eyes. To make sure your own bangs look Zooey approved every time, always style them when wet. The sooner you get blow-drying, the better the results will be. This is because your hair is more flexible before it starts to air dry. If they dry on their own, you’ll likely find that your bangs refuse to lie flat.

Grab your blow dryer and a paddle brush and start drying the hair to one side. (It doesn’t matter which, unless you have a pesky cowlick. In that case, dry to the opposite side.) When the bangs are damp, apply a small amount of a smoothing product.

Once the bangs are completely dry, use your brush to push the bangs in the other direction. Next, grab a round brush and continue blow-drying. Avoid rolling it all the way through the bangs, though. Instead, use it at the ends to give them a smooth finish, rather than tons of volume. Finish by brushing through with your paddle brush and spritz on some hairspray.

Boho Bangs

Celeb Bangs Inspiration - Nicole Richie Boho Bangs


Looking to infuse a little bohemian style into your bangs? Then look no further than Nicole Richie. The acclaimed reality star-turned fashion designer (and Fashion Star judge!) has, without a doubt, the most inspiring boho bangs in the biz. While she has dabbled with different bang styles in the past, this is by far her best looks.

Boho bangs are characterized by their relaxed and grown-out appearance. They are perfect for heart-shaped faces and can actually make you look younger. Bonus! While they seem pretty laid-back, they actually take a bit of work to get just right. To perfect these celeb bangs, you’ll need to start out by asking your stylist for long, face framing bangs. Then you'll be ready to get styling!

Start by separating your bangs into two sections right down the middle. Begin blow-drying each side with a paddle brush while the hair is still wet. After your bangs are completely dry, grab a dry shampoo. Spray directly onto the roots and use your fingers to work it through. Not only will this keep your bangs looking great, but it will add a hint of texture and volume to your bangs, too!

A tip to keep in mind? When creating boho bangs, less is more. You want to avoid using any heavy creams, as they can make your bangs look flat and stringy. Also, don’t forget to finish off this bang style with a funky boho accessory, like a headband or hair wrap.

 Side Swept Bangs

Celeb Bangs Inspiration - Kerry Washington Side Swept Bangs


Kerry Washington is no stranger to bangs. Over the years, she has worn many different types. Everything from straight across to bold and choppy, and of course, her most-loved look – side swept bangs. This Scandal-ous star is generating tons of buzz lately thanks to her incredible sense of style. Thankfully, you can make it work for you. Here’s how!

Side swept bangs are a favourite among celebrities and fans alike. This is because they are universally flattering. It doesn’t matter what hair colour, texture, or face shape you’ve got…side swept bangs work to highlight your best features and help frame your face. If you’re ready to make your own bangs look TV-ready, start by washing your hair with a gentle shampoo.

Take a round brush and place it on top of your side bangs. It may sound a little crazy, but this step will give you the results you want! The idea is to blow dry your bangs upward to give them lots of gorgeous lift. Keep rolling the brush through until the bangs are completely dry. When you pull the brush out and let your bangs fall, you’ll get a swoopy effect with a nice kick out at the end. Stunning!

Are you ready for your close up? Then it’s time to kick your hair up a notch with one of these sexy celeb bangs. This how-to guide will let you channel your inner Zooey, Nicole, or Kerry in no time flat!

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