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How To Style Your Hair For An Interview

On the morning of my interview for Loxa Beauty, I woke up a bit frazzled. Not only was this an interview for a position any girl would love to scoop up and stick on her resume, this was an interview with a company based around HAIR. Upon looking in the mirror that morning, I realized my hair was probably the one part of my look I took the least amount of risks with. I would wear the boldest outfits or stick glitter all over my face, but my hair? That was a different story.

I began to panic as I realized that aside from Subway and Jimmy John's, I had never been exposed to a serious interview, let alone the "interview look". Worst of all, I had no idea what to do with my thick, dark head of hair. So, I wore it like I did every other day of the week, the style I had mastered to a T.

Sure, I got the job with Loxa Beauty (obviously), but, since then, I have become obsessed with the idea that our hair suggests much more about us than we, as women, ever recognized. Think about it, how many times have you seen the girl who has not only mastered the sock bun, but has created some extravagant work of art on her head bustling with braids and thought, Wow. Chances are, a lot.

The point of all this blabbering is that YOUR HAIR MATTERS, especially at an interview. So, with the help of some experienced women, I have come up with some tips to master your interview hair, as well as some bold business styles that will leave you feeling empowered to be the beautiful woman you are.

 Hairstyles for an Interview


1. Wash your hair the night before your interview. This way, you will be less crunched for time in the morning and hair will be easier to work with.

2. If you have a tendency to play with your hair when it is down, consider choosing one of these up-dos. Fiddling with your hire is a sign of insecurity to your employer!

3. Avoid flashy hair pieces. We want to impress our potential employer, not distract them.

4. Keep your hair out of your face. An open face is a sign of confidence and approachability!

5. Depending on the job, avoid adding any crazy colors to your hair.  Bright pink hair doesn't always get taken seriously in the realm of business.

6. Choose a neat, sleek style, avoiding anything too bold or messy.

7. Curls are always a great choice if hair doesn't want to cooperate straight.

8. Smooth down fly-a-ways with a light gel. I recommend: Sebastian Taming Elixir

 Hairstyles for a Job Interview

 Which interview style is your favorite? How would you style your hair for an interview?

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