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5 Tips for Styling Thinning Hair

There are a wide range of reasons your hair could be thinning. It could be medical, genetic, seasonal, or over styling. Either way, you want to look good right? There are many ways to help camouflage your thinning hair!

dianna agron 5 Tips for Styling Thinning Hair

Mix it up: You’re probably wondering what that has to do with thinning hair. Well, when your hair is used to lying a certain way it tends to get cozy in that spot and lay pretty flat. If you switch up the direct of your part, your hair will lay a way that it’s not used to and perk up a bit therefore giving you some extra va-va-voom!


Avoid heated styling products: Well, how about save it for special occasions and always use styling tools with adjustable heat dials. If your hair is already thin, it’s best to treat it with the best care possible and heated styling can be a little harsh. When you do use a heated styling tool, be sure to compliment it and protect your hair with some heated styling products.


Gentle with the brush: Invest in a nice brush made of boar bristles or flexible nylon and avoid hard plastic or metal. Remember to clean your brush regularly - a lot of gunk gets caught in there and contributes to dull and lifeless strands.

interior layers for thinning hair

 Get the right cut: You want to go short and ask for interior layers. The more sections your hair has the more movement which means it’s less likely to reveal your scalp. The layers and short cut will also take off some of the extra weight giving you volume and fullness. Talk with your stylist about you concerns. And don't be embarrassed - he or she has seen it allllll when it comes to hair types and textures. Stylists really know best when it comes to giving you the best cut based on your specific needs.


giuliana rancic 5 Tips for Styling Thinning Hair

Be savvy with color: Don’t do anything too drastic that could cause damage or breakage. Ask your stylist for well-placed highlights to help camouflage thinning hair. The other bonus when it comes to coloring your hair? The dye expands the hair shaft slightly so it appears you thicker.

For me, I love changing up my part! Any other great tips out there? Want more information on thinning hair? We’ve got you covered here and here.

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