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5 Tips to Sell to Your Client Without Turning Them Off

Hairstylist and client selling relationshipWhether or not you're a salesperson isn't what's important when selling product to your clients. What is important is that you don't turn them off by trying to push them into buying something. Here are five key tips on how to make clients feel comfortable when you're recommending a product to them.

Recommend, don't sell. Stylists and clients often form a bond of trust. As with any bond, you don't try to push things on people. You recommend or offer advice. If your approach it in this manner you'll both be more at ease. You won't be pressured to make a sale and your client won't be pressured into buying something they may not want.

Offer samples. Samples are a great way to make clients happy and get them to try something new. Most people want to read reviews or try something out before plunking down money for it. As we mentioned previously, product samples often lead to sales, which in turn lead to more sales. If a client really enjoys a product from a after trying a sample, they're more likely to try similar products from that same line.

Suggest the products as an investment. When recommending products suggest them as an investment in their hair. If they paid for color, they'll want to protect that color. And if they paid for a great cut, they'll want to maintain it for as long as possible. By using salon products, they'll extend the life of whatever treatment they received and will be happier with the wear.

Explain the quality. The difference in professional salon products and those that you get at the drugstore isn't just price. Explain to your clients that professional grade products are not only higher quality, but they are more concentrated. With higher concentration, they'll need less and thus will receive a better investment. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Choose what you believe in. Find products that you trust and believe in. It's much easier to get behind product recommendations when you like the product and the brand.

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