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The Importance of Supporting Your Stylist

At Loxa Beauty, we are all about supporting hairstylists. Your stylist is so much more than the person who cuts your hair. Your stylist is an educator, showing you how to care for your hair and look your best. Your stylist makes you look beautiful on the outside, giving you a powerful confidence that shines from inside. Your stylist is someone who listens, understands, and shares advice when you need it most (and is way more chic than going to a shrink!). Your stylist and salon are pillars of local business, growing both the beauty industry and your community.

Stylist give us so much. Aside from paying for their services, what do we give back? An easy way to show your stylist support is by purchasing products.

It's no secret that salon-quality products are superior than the drugstore brands. Though you often spot salon-quality products at your supermarket and big box retailers, we advise against purchasing there for a number of reasons.

1. Your hair health: When you purchase (what you thiiiiink) are salon-quality products from supermarkets, big box retailers, and drug stores, you could be getting expired, diluted, or contaminated products. Yikes! Think you're getting a better deal? Think again. This study shows that products purchased from supermarkets are often pricier. .

2. Your stylist's livelihood: When purchasing salon products directly through your stylist or through Loxa Beauty, money goes right back to your stylist. Product sales are an important part of a stylist's income. When you purchase brands like Redken, Big Sexy Hair, and more at your local CVS, you're supporting big business when you could be supporting someone you are otherwise loyal to. We don't know about you, but we would prefer to know exactly where our money goes, especially when it comes down to our stylist versus a huge discount store.

3. The local business in your community: In times like these, it's important to put your money back into your community. Supporting local businesses, whether it is your stylist or otherwise, is not just a trend. It is a social obligation. Be aware of where your money is going and spend it wisely.

Whether in the salon or through Loxa Beauty, purchasing products from your stylist is always your best bet. For each purchase you make through Loxa Beauty, your stylist receives a direct commission. It's as easy as entering his or her name at checkout. In between stylists or still waiting to find "the one?" You can designate your purchase to the Stylist Education Fund, which will provide scholarships to stylists looking to further their education.

Importance of supporting your hair stylist

Here are some reason the Loxa Beauty team loves their stylists:

Megan Giannini: My stylist is a breath of fresh air after a long day at work! Super positive and realistic, she always gives me interesting insight into how I should color and style my hair. Plus, she's hilarious.

Hannah Shaner:  I love my stylist because she listens, she's personable, she's patient and she knows - and cares - about my hair goals. And she's super fun!

Melanie Allen: I love my stylist for a million reasons! Aside from making me look and feel my best, I really appreciate that she is involved in the community - especially in the arts - and she focuses on supporting other local businesses and bringing up like-minded creatives.

Staci Starks: I love my stylist because she makes me look fabulous with little to no instruction. She is extremely talented and educated.

Ashley Sieb: I love my stylist because she takes the time to get to know me as an individual. She understands my personality and personal style. I've never felt like she was trying to push me into styles or products that didn't fit my needs, hair type, or style. Best of all? She is a friend. I can count on her to make me feel beautiful AND perk me up on any given day.

Do you love your stylist? How do you show him or her support? Let us know in the comment section or on social media using the tag #supportyourstylist.

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