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Tease Up Your Go-To Hair Style

Teased hair has had a bad reputation over the years for being tacky, trashy, and punky, to name just a few labels.  However, if done correctly, teased hair can really amp up an otherwise ordinary hairstyle to make your hair current, chic, sexy or edgy.  In order to achieve a proper “tease”, the correct tool and technique is required. Read on to learn not only how to correctly tease your hair, but also learn some styles that are taken to new heights when combined with a perfect tease.

How to Obtain the Perfect Tease

Teasing your hair is also known as backcombing, and using the correct brush to backcomb your hair is critical to the teasing process.  Use a brush that consists of natural boar bristles and has a tail handle so you can easily section out your hair.

The Marilyn Teasing Brush is made of 100% boar bristles, so give it a try!

The next step to obtaining the perfect tease is to execute it correctly. The good news for all of us is that teasing hair is super easy!  Simply section 1-inch portions of your hair using the tail end of the teasing brush, and brush from tip to root (back comb) the inch closest to the root of your hair.  Make sure to back comb from behind your hair too in order to ensure your hair rests on the teased portion.  Complete your look with hairspray such as AG Hair Ultradynamics to secure the texture of the tease as well as hold your look in place!

Okay, now that your have properly learned to tease your hair, here are some great everyday styles that are updated with a sassy tease!

Carrie Underwood teased pony

1. The Everyday Pony

In my opinion, Carrie Underwood has perfected the teased pony here.  She has her hair parted to the side, gently teased along the part, and teased along the crown of her head to add max volume to this everyday style, taking it from ordinary to sophisticated. Try our bouffant pony tutorial for a little extra info.

2. Half-Up Half-Down

This style is the ultimate when we’re sick of a ponytail, but don’t know what else to do right?  Well Scarlett Johansson has proven that by teasing your hair along the frame of your face and part, then pulling the top half back, the super-awkwardly named go-to ‘half-up half down’ can be transformed into something special and sexy.

3. The Bob

Have short hair? No worries!  Teasing short hair is one of the easiest and best ways to make a short cut versatile.  Check out January Jones’s super teased blonde bob.  In addition to blow-drying her hair with a round brush, she teased along the center part and the crown of her head to achieve this amped up, chic bob, perfect for any occasion.

These are just a couple examples of how teasing hair can transform your current cut and go-to styles, so now that you’ve been inspired, go ahead and be a tease!

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