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The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

You may have been contemplating for years on whether or not you can handle the transformation of having bangs. You've looked everywhere; from magazines, to movies and even over-analyzing the bangs of your barista during your morning commute.

No matter what our facial structure is, we do not have to miss out on fab bangs. Don't doubt yourselves, you can even rock the most edgy of micro bangs or chic side swept bangs. Find your face shape and flirt with the idea, even if you're not ready to commit just yet.

Hair stylist Mindy Stegall notes that, "Bangs can create a youthful look as well so that's why I call them "Bangtox".  Bangs can be your best friend or your worst enemy so really take the time to study your face shape and determine the best look. Stay away from the scissors if you want great bangs!   Leave it to the professionals."

To get started, determine your face shape:

The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

Next, find the bangs that are the most flattering for your face shape:

 Oval Face: Go Nuts!

 jessica biel The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

If you have an oval face, you don't necessarily need to isolate yourself to any one bang style. You've got the freedom to try an array of styles, so find one that suits you and go nuts!

  Heart Face: Side Swept

 reese witherspoon The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

Add a soft swept look to add to your softer facial features.

Round face: Side-Swept or Curved

 vanessa hudgens The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape


For round faces, try a bang that will visually elongate your facial structure. Try a flattering side-swept bang or one that will curve your face in a flattering way.


Square Face: Heavy and Feathered

 nicole richie The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape


Try a bang that is heavy the center and sweeps into a feather on your sides like this Nicole Richie look.


Let's say you're ready to take the plunge; be sure you've got an idea on how to re-boost your bangs when they need a little somethin' somethin'. You'll also want to consider the the minor additional maintenance of bangs to keep them looking chic and fresh. Cutting your own bangs is pretty risky, so we recommend visiting your stylist instead of reaching for those scissors in your craft drawer. Many stylists offer free bang trims to their clients, so check with yours to see if you can get the hook up.

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