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The Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape

In 5th grade while lining up at the classroom door, my best friend looked tauntingly at my face and said, "You need to pluck your eyebrows". Touché, Ashley, Touché. My Italian heritage, through it's many blessings, came with one curse- bushy eyebrows and an uncontrollable uni-brow. I went home that night and did two things- first I cried and then I told my mom to take me to the salon for a waxing.

The point of this story is to illustrate the necessity of shaping our eyebrows. If a 5th grader, with no real knowledge of the beauty industry notices- I'm pretty sure everyone else does, too. The great news is that eyebrows can be used to make your entire face look brighter, fresher and more appealing. A happy face is a face people want to surround themselves with. So below I have broken down each face shape and the eyebrows that work best. Low on time? Check out the image right below that I snagged from The Best Makeup Products.

The Best Eyebrows for your face shape


For the round face:

Your best best is medium brows. Whatever you do, don't think that thinner brows will counteract a fuller face! The goal is to complement and frame. This will naturally give you the illusion of a slimmer face (without overplucking!). However, all of this is worthless without an arch 3/4 of the way through the brow.

Celebrity Inspiration: Ginnifer Goodwin2009 VANITY FAIR OSCAR PARTY


For the heart face:

Ladies who rock a stronger face shape will do best with a softer brow. Ideally, you want your brows to be less angled and more straight with a very delicate arch. At all costs, avoid thick, super intense brows.

Celebrity inspiration: Reese Witherspoon4989-4989-3



For the square face:

Like the heart shaped face, square faces are already intense enough. While your bone structure is PHENOMENAL, you definitely don't want to take that away with a bushy brow. So, like the heart face, aim for a softer brow- however you want yours to have a super slight bend towards the end of the brow line.

Celebrity Inspiration: Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson



For the oval face:

There's something about an oval face that makes the rest of us jealous. Please, take advantage of your DNA blessing! Oval faces can rock pretty much any brow, but my personal favorite is a thicker more prominent brow.

Celebrity inspiration: BeyonceBeyonce: Life Is But A Dream Screening



Who is your celeb brow inspiration? Let's talk in the comment section!

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Images via Collider, Top PMR, That Grape Juice

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