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The Best Makeup For Your Hair Color

Ever switched up your hair color and realized the makeup colors that used to work great for you, now look dull? It could be because your makeup is wrong for your hair color! Who knew?!

I'm sure the advertisements for mega makeup companies have engrained the "best eye makeup for your eye color" concept into your head. The same thing applies for your hair. Makeup has the power to accent and play off of the color of your hair, making YOU look your absolute best! The results are extremely flattering. Here's the scoop:

Blonde Hair

scarlett johannson The Best Makeup For Your Hair Color

Rundown: Blonde hair adds light and warmth to the face and skin tone. Warm, natural, and sunkissed tones really compliment this hair color - as seen with Scarlett Johannson!

Best Colors: Sheer & Natural shades. Pink, peach, champagne, & bronze.

Eyes: Shimmery champagne or amber eyeshadow (like this Sorme Long Lasting Eye Shadow hue in Ice) paired with Sorme Smearproof Eyeliner in Brown/Black add definition. Black mascara (especially Sorme Extreme Volumizing Mascara) will make the eyes pop.

Cheeks: Bronze shimmer or dewy pink for a sunkissed look. For the perfect blend of both, check out Sorme Mineral Botanicals Blush & Bronzer duo.

Lips: Peach or nude gloss, like Sorme Lip Thick Plumping Lip Gloss in Twinkle.

Added Drama: A good smoky eye is a great way to add some intensity for a night on the town. For blue eyes, try a gunmetal grey (I'm loving Sorme Long Lasting Eye Shadow in Smoke). Brown and green eyes look best in plums or browns.


Red Hair

florence welch The Best Makeup For Your Hair Color

Rundown: Greens, reds, and deep purples work great at accentuating crimson locks! Natural tones are also very flattering, as it makes the hair color stand out - as seen with Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine!


Best Colors: Natural & Jewel tones. Nude, pink, light brown, green, purple, and red.

Eyes: Mossy green shadow - try Sorme Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Safari - with Sorme Smearproof Eyeliner in Brown (with red undertones) accentuate the hair color as well as the eyes.

Cheeks: Dewy pink, like Sorme Mineral Botanicals Blush in Excitement.

Lips: Nude & pinkish browns, like Sorme Perfect Performance Lip Color in Perhaps.

Added Drama: A smoky purple or dark green eyeshadow really compliment the hair color and make eyes pop for a smoldering look. For the lips, a cherry red pucker has the potential to look amazing with this hair color.


Brown Hair

jessica alba The Best Makeup For Your Hair Color


Rundown: Brown hair creates a gorgeous canvas for bright and vivid colors. Warm metallic eyes pair great with bright lips - as seen with Jessica Alba!

Best Colors: Warm & vibrant shades. Reds, plums, & metallics.

Eyes: A warm metallic-tone such as bronze or copper (try Sorme Long Lasting Eye Shadow in Cocoa) work great as a shadow and are a great contrast against brown locks.

Cheeks: Gold or bronze glow. Sorme Mineral Botanicals Blush in Simplicity or Believable Bronzer in Sunkissed are perfect for brunettes.

Lips: Corals and reds, the brighter the better. Go for a big punch of color like Sorme Lip Thick Lip Plumping Gloss in Empress.

Added Drama: Brunettes look great in bold lipsticks. Orange-reds or a deep ruby are gorgeous options with great contrast to the hair.



Black Hair

camilla belle The Best Makeup For Your Hair ColorRundown: With black hair, you want to try to accentuate one facial feature alone. Too much color will look costume-y. If you want to accentuate the eyes, go smoky with a sheer lip. If you want to accentuate the mouth, opt for a bold color with sheer/natural eyes - like Camilla Belle.

Best colors: Smoky, sheer, & vibrant shades. Charcoal, navy, sheer pink, bright pink, red.

Eyes: If the eyes are the facial feature you want to accent, go for a smoky color - like navy or charcoal. (This Sorme Mineral Botanicals Eye Shadow in Contrast is EVERYTHING.) Vivid colors also look great in contrast with black hair. Have fun with color! If you want to down-play the eyes to accent the lips, a sheer or nude color works best.

Cheeks: Sheer pink - like Sorme Mineral Botanicals in Affinity.

Lips: Petal-pink, bright pink, red. I loooove Sorme Perfect Performance Lip Color in Glamour Red.

Added Drama: Two words: BRIGHT LIPS. Magenta, Fuschia, & Red. Go wild!


Night in to yourself? Crank up some fun, upbeat tunes and give yourself a mini-makeover with these tips! It's beneficial to know what colors look best on you, and you might as well have some fun in the process!

For the love of hair,



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