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The Best & Worst Mom Hairstyles

When you have a child, “mom” gets placed in front of everything you do and wear.

Mom jeans.

Mom dance moves (my personal favorite).

Mom drinks.

Mom shoes.

And our topic of choice today, mom hairstyles.

I’ve heard many mothers tell me, “I really let myself go after I had (insert baby name).” And I think we can all agree there is a time period in our life where we look back and think, “What was I thinking when I cut (or colored) my hair that way?”

But don’t worry- everyone is guilty of rocking an awful hairstyle. I bet if you asked Britney Spears if she was a victim of a bad mom hairstyle (or, rather, shaving), and she would slowly raise her hand with guilt.

Britney Spears The Best & Worst Mom Hairstyles

So, whether you’re a current mom or mom-to-be, keep these good (and bad) hairstyles in mind before heading to see your stylists.

Best: Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon The Best & Worst Mom Hairstyles

 A lot of moms feel pressure to cut their hair short after the baby arrives. Who wants someone pulling on your hair all day long? But not Reese  Witherspoon- she keeps her beautiful blonde locks long and even rocks the swoopy bangs.

Worst: Honey Boo Boo’s Mom

honey-boo-boo- mom The Best & Worst Mom Hairstyles

Long hair isn’t for every mom, and Honey Boo Boo’s mom is no exception. She could really use some hair products to get her curly hair under control. Losing some inches might make her hair look healthier as well!

Best: Michele WilliamsMichelle Williams The Best & Worst Mom Hairstyles

I think we can all agree that Michele Williams has one of the best pixie cuts out there! I love this mom haircut, but make sure you have the right face shape for a pixie cut. Before taking the pixie plunge, ask your stylist for her honest opinion about your short hair. Also, if you’re a busy mom – keep style time in mind!

Worst: Kris JennerKris Jenner The Best & Worst Mom Hairstyles

Kris Jenner might have more diamonds and expensive dresses than all my friends and family members combined (and I know a lot of people), but her haircut just isn’t working for me! Those falcon claw bangs have to go! And I would love to see her with a long cut with layers that better frame her face.

Best: Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice)Victoria Beckham The Best & Worst Mom Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham has been a hair icon ever since she inspired “girl power” as Posh Spice. If you’re looking for a shorter style, consider this style which has many layers and side bangs.

Worst: Katie HolmesKatie Holmes The Best & Worst Mom Hairstyles

Speaking of short hair and bangs, Katie Holmes did it all wrong with this pixie-bang combo! And are those Elvis Presley sideburns I spy? No matter which cut you go for, make sure you find the perfect bangs for your face shape.

Best: AdeleAdele The Best & Worst Mom Hairstyles

New mom Adele is a hair inspiration for us all! Whether is bringing us back to the 60s with beehive hairstyles or showing up on the red carpet big curls, she looks fabulous. If you’re feeling frisky, add some red lipstick to your look as well. I love it!

Worst: Kate Gosselin

 kate gosselin The Best & Worst Mom Hairstyles

And who can forget the worst mom haircut of all time represented by Kate Gosselin? Please do not try this haircut at home…

If you’re suffering from a (bad) mom haircut, there is still hope! Get to your stylist and glam up. If Honey Boo Boo’s mom can do it, you can too!

before-after-honey boo boo mom

In the meantime, tweet us your best and worst mom pictures @loxabeauty.

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