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The Mane Details: Julie Leah


We love encountering women with a little sass and a distinct, recognizable style. Julie Leah fits the bill, living a colorful, accessorized life complete with a dash of Southern attitude and wisdom. We caught up with the Virginia resident to learn more about her life, style, and those bold lips and hair!



Where do you live and play? I live in Virginia and play just about anywhere I can get a free weekend to visit. I make frequent road trips to DC!

What do you do? I'm a high school counselor by day, life and style blogger by night.



We love that you seem to have a signature look when it comes to your hair. How did you come to adopt this style? I'm from the south - "big hair, big heart" as one of my girlfriends says. Over the years, my hair has been lots of colors and various lengths. In the last few years, though, I've stopped experimenting as much and I've stuck with a flattering length and seasonal highlights/lowlights. I get asked all the time about the volume. Honestly, my hair doesn't know how to be flat - I tease it some, but I really just got some good hair genes! Thanks, mama!

Tell us about your stylist & salon. How did you find them? I found my stylist through a lady I used to work with. Even after moving to the town where I currently live, I was traveling back to my hometown (2 hours) to get my hair done. I finally decided I needed to find someone local and she recommended I see her stylist. I fell in love and he's been my stylist for about three years now.

What’s your typical hair routine like? I only wash my hair once or twice a week, so my daily routine usually goes like this - dry shampoo, hot roll/curl/straighten (whatever I'm feeling that day), brush it out, tease a little on top, spray and go. Most people assume it takes me a long time to fix my hair - it really doesn't!

What products can you not live without? Dry shampoo and hairspray.

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to try with your hair but been too scared to attempt? A super short 'do (not quite a pixie) and an extreme color change - I'm a chicken!

What’s your hair horror story? (We all have one...) Honestly, I don't have a "horror" story. I can say that the one thing I will never do again is bangs. I've had them a few times and at that moment in the salon I think they're a good idea. A week later I always regret it. I actually just told my stylist at my last appointment that bangs and a pixie cut are the only two things he ever needs to refuse to do if I come in asking for either!

Any hair idols? Beyonce, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam, Carrie Bradshaw during the Aleksandr Petrovsky era.



You describe your style on your blog as classic, colorful and accessorized. Tell us more. My style is feminine and put-together. The pieces I wear are usually found on sale or I've had them forever. I like good shoes and bags, but the other things, I usually don't splurge. I like color year-round and lots of jewelry.

What accessories are you typically found wearing on a daily basis? Usually simple earrings, a statement necklace layered with my gold monogram, stacks of bracelets, and the same one or two rings.

Your southern roots are mentioned several times throughout your blog. How have they shaped your style? My mama taught me growing up to always look my best - "You never know who you're gonna see," she'd say. At this stage in my life, though, I get dressed for me. I rarely consider what someone is going to think about what I'm wearing - if I love it, I wear it. Southern women have confidence in what they wear and I love that.

Where do you get your style inspiration? Magazines, style blogs, style/fashion sites. I'm constantly searching the internet for street style photos - real, everyday fashion is my main inspiration

Bright lips are one of your staples. Any favorite brands and/or shades? Revlon Love that Red is my signature color, I also love MAC's Candy Yum Yum



I'd love to swap hair with...Beyonce before she cut it.

The person whose closet I'd love to raid is...Blair Eadie or Olivia Palermo.

I spend way too much money on…jewelry.

My purse is never complete iPhone and lipstick.

My go-to weekend outfit consists easy dress and flats.

My celebrity crush is...Jimmy Fallon.

If I could live anywhere, it would be...time split between New York and New Orleans.

The best advice I've received is...don't worry about the size on the tag, dress for your body.

I dream of...someday being able to travel whenever I take a notion.

Thanks for sharing your Mane Details with us, Julie!

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