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The Mane Details: Kali Norton


Kali Brou has one of those effortless looking styles that's pulled together yet comfortable. The Louisiana-based photographer has come to embrace her naturally golden hair while striving for a natural approach to beauty. Read on to learn more about her life and style.


Where do you live and play? I live in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, but absolutely love to travel! Between my husband's military career and our wedding photography business, we love any opportunity to travel and meet new friends anywhere! Trying out new restaurants or embracing good food, good wine, and good friends at home with our pup, Chewie, are among my favorites.

What do you do? I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer and love every bit of documenting life!


The Mane Details: Kali Norton

How would you describe your style when it comes to hair? Long hair, don't care! Besides a little teasing and a mid-day brush at the roots to maintain some frizz, I've found the carefree, natural approach works well! Natural works; and sometimes less is more.

Tell us about your gorgeous natural hair color! Do you love it, or have you ever considered a change? Why thank you! I do love it. I used to consider changing it when I was younger, but my mother's first profession was hair stylist and wanted to fall out upon presentation of that idea. My hair is naturally a very golden blonde. Because it didn't get much darker as I grew older like many blondes, I embrace the blonde!

What’s your typical hair routine like? This is embarrassing and cringe-worthy, but I loathe the hair washing process. I wash my hair every 4-8 days. If I've had intense workouts, then I have to wash it on the more frequent end, but in my ideal world, I wash my hair no more than once a week. On the very rare occasion that I have to wash, blowdry and style my hair in a consecutive time frame, the process takes me 2-3 hours -- partially because I refuse to blowdry my hair straight out of the shower, so I let it air dry at least half way before blowdrying. When I do blowdry, I use Redken 02 Satinwear Blowdry Lotion. Most washes, though, I wash after the gym in the morning, spray in some Matrix Color Care Miracle Treat Lotion Spray, and let it air dry throughout the day while I'm working from home. My hair has a tiny bit of natural wave, so once It's dry, I just put some Big Sexy Hair Powder Play in at the roots, use a teasing brush for some volume, and call it a day!

Louisiana is known for the heat and humidity. How do you like to keep your long hair tame and stay cool on the hottest days? My long hair has proven to be significantly easier to maintain in the humidity of the South, than past shorter styles for me. I put a little tease in it and wear it down and natural most days. If the humidity is super crazy and I know I'm in for a long day, I'll stick on a hippie-style headband or a hat and call it a day!

Tell us about your stylist & salon. How did you find them? My cousin, Amanda Ducote at Candies & Company, is my stylist and does a fabulous job with color maintenance. I get partial highlights just to maintain a fresh, brightness to my roots every 3-4 months.

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to try with your hair but been too scared to attempt? Super short! I'd love to pull off a little short, eclectic look, but every time I go short, I miss my longer hair fiercely.

What’s your hair horror story? (We all have one...) Ah, definitely the entire high school era of entirely too much flat ironing. Volume was a foreign concept to me and wave was my enemy. I'm so glad those days are over!

Any hair idols? Not particularly. However, I do log random people, styles, and hair accessories I see to save for those days that just need a little pizazz.


The Mane Details: Kali Norton

On your website you say, "Life's too short to blend in; it's important to embrace who you are." How do you use this approach when it comes to your style? I like to add my own spin on styles I see. Recreating someone's style never jives for me and usually ends up with me unsatisfied or frustrated with the outcome. My mother has always said I've had a mind of my own since the first words came out of my mouth, so I guess this flows over into my style. I think it flows over into all areas of my life, actually. Embrace yourself. (;

As a photographer you're constantly shooting lots of subjects with their own distinct styles. Have you ever found style inspiration from a client? I constantly get inspiration from my clients! Some of my best clients come to me with the best, jaw-dropping style and it's part of what makes us jive so perfectly. In fact, I joke with my high school seniors, all of which have the most FABULOUS style, that I should start letting them buy me one of every one of their outfits in place of a session fee. Kidding, of course. But really...

Being an entrepreneur, you don't have daily dress codes to follow. What is a typical "work outfit" for you? It depends on the day! I'm looking anywhere from J. Crew-esque business casual to yoga pants and workout clothes. Most days, I wake up and get ready for the day as if I were going into an office, as I find it makes me more positive and productive all around! Then again, some days I'm so busy and focused on editing and emails that I'm at the computer for 8 or more hours straight, which usually leaves me in workout clothes and a ponytail, but it just depends!

Any favorite accessories or items you can't live without? Well, definitely my Big Sexy Hair Powder Play and my cozy yoga shorts and oversized sweaters. Besides that, I live 2 miles from Target and T.J. Maxx, which feeds my frequent desires for style changes on a budget! I love to keep my wardrobe and style fresh by adding budget-friendly pieces from these places when I'm feeling drab with my style!

As we head into fall, are there any trends or seasonal staples you're looking forward to wearing? Leather jeggings and black combat boots, yes!  Both are on my needs list this Fall. I've also been eying up a chunky J. Crew-inspired rhinestone necklace from Target to dress up my Winter crew-neck sweaters. Other than that, my seasonal staples for the Fall/Winter months are always black jeggings, cozy over-sized sweaters, and scarves. Brown/nude boots or flats, please.


The person whose hair I’d love to have for a week would be... I love Lauren Conrad's ombre' locks and styled waves these days. I'd say her. Can I have her hairstylists for a week, as well?!

The person whose closet I'd love to raid is... Lauren Conrad or Jessica Alba. They both have a cozy, slightly sexy style that exudes class and warmth. The way they dress sends a message of a beautiful, strong, classy woman. It's definitely my style. I could forever dream of raiding their closets...

I spend way too much money at… Target and T. J. Maxx, undoubtedly. They are my closet staple stores whenever seasons change; er, or when I need a pick-me-up in the form of a new outfit...

My purse is never complete without... My Tide to-go pen! Also, concealer, blush, touch up powder, lip gloss, and my teasing brush. My friends are forever teasing me for my teasing brush, but my loyalty to it stands firm!

My secret beauty weapon is... Healthy eating, for sure! I'm a true believer that long-term, lasting beauty on the outside starts with being healthy on the inside. Youthful skin and hair will fade, but a healthy diet will help that fountain of youth stick around. I also strive to use non-toxic beauty products as much as I possibly can--paraben and fragrance free, please! I use coconut oil as a body moisturizer, essential and natural oils for facial cleanser, and the Image product line, which is non-toxic, for skin care. At minimum, green smoothies once a day are a must for me to get those vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for a healthy glow!

My celebrity crush is... Jessica Alba. Mostly for her efforts, through her book The Honest Life and her newly founded company The Honest Company, to educate about healthy ways to achieve a beautiful, wholesome, healthy life through organic means and non-toxic products. Her accomplishments and poise are much more impressive than a male celebrity I can think of.

I'd love to photograph... Any and everyone who appreciates the beauty of professional, organic lifestyle documentation through photographs.

The best advice I've received is... A friend shared this quote with me a while back and I now reference it at least once a week, especially when I'm getting caught up with life's little stressors that seem so large, but ultimately don't matter much in the grand scheme of things. "One life on this Earth is all that we get, whether it is enough or not enough, and the obvious conclusion would seem to be that at the very least we are fools if we do not live it as fully and bravely and beautifully as we can." - Fredrick Buechner

I dream of... Living a full, enlightened, happy life. Always.

Thanks for sharing your Mane Details with us, Kali!

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