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The Mane Details: Leslie Bailey

When we decided to kick off our Mane Details series we couldn't help but think Leslie Bailey was the perfect person to profile. Leslie has been entertaining Indianapolis with her adventures in the community, trying everything from marshmallow making to polo and writing about the experiences for the Indy Star. She also writes about life through her blog, The Adventures of Lesalina. Leslie shares with us her style approach and how she can still manage to look good even if she's visiting a slaugterhouse or flying from a trapeze.




Where do you live and play? Downtown Indianapolis.

What do you do? Adventuress and reporter at the Indianapolis Star and blogger at


How would you describe your style when it comes to hair? Low maintenance.

What’s your typical hair routine like? I’m not very loyal to hair care products so there isn’t a typical routine per se, but it usually goes something like this…

On days I wash it - shampoo and condition with whatever products I have around.

When I wear it straight - (which is it’s natural state) I’ll go over it quickly with my straightener, which I love. I’ve gone through three because I kept blowing them up overseas.

During the summer I’ll wear it curly – I scrunch it wet with a curling mousse followed by a curl spray and then blow dry with a diffuser.

On days I don’t wash - It’s a quick spray of a texturizing spray or Tigi Rockaholic ‘Dirty Secret’ dry shampoo and then a pony tail.

I always finish everything off with a hairspray.

For being low maintenance that sounds kind of exhausting, doesn’t it? I swear it’s far simpler than it sounds.

What products can you not live without? I use a moisturizing oil when I’m on vacation as a detangler, especially after swimming and occasionally at home. After an up-do, I like to use a detangling spray.

Tell us about your stylist & salon. How did you find them? Her name is Irina Green and she has space above EYEmax makeup boutique. I honestly don’t remember how I found her but she’s great at color and would never let me do something stupid or damaging to my hair. Every once and a while I need that reality check when I want to do something like bleach my hair back to blonde. She’s Russian so I listen when she tells me no.

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to try with your hair but been too scared to attempt? A pixie cut à la Audrey Hepburn in “How to Steal a Million” or the Vidal Sassoon cut. My mom was a hairdresser and that used to be her specialty. I just don’t know if I could pull either off.

What’s your hair horror story? (We all have one...) The summer between 8th and 9th grade, I was obsessed with Drew Barrymore’s hair in “Mad Love” so I decided to try the cut. It was awful. I ran back to my best friend’s house bawling my eyes out. I looked like a British schoolboy.

Any hair idols? Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo and Penelope Cruz all have pretty great hair.

Leslie 1


How would you describe your overall style? It depends on the day – it changes with my mood. So I guess I’d have to go with eclectic.

Where do you find style inspiration? Magazines are probably my biggest source of inspiration -- I’m one of those people who tears pages out and saves them in labeled binders -- followed by traveling, photographs of women throughout history, movies and Pinterest.

Being a reporter and adventuress for the Indy Star isn't the typical 9-5 power suit job. You spend time on-the-go, sometimes trying out some crazy (and fun) activities in the community. How does that influence your style choices? I joke a lot about the importance of wearing the right shoes but it’s actually quite serious. For example, I wore wedges to a hog butchering class (in all fairness I had been wearing them all day) and the floor was covered in meat slime. I slid all over the place. So now I think about which shoes would be most practical for whatever it is I’ll be doing that day. I also like my outfits to give a nod to the activity. For a recent lesson in polo, I wore riding boots – see? I’m learning.

Back in April you wrote a beautiful post on your blog about 29 things you know for sure following your 29th birthday. Are there any important lessons you've learned about beauty?

Facials are worth the money, mascara isn’t.

The right color red lipstick is really hard to find and anyone who says it isn’t, is either lying or a professional. Or both.

What you put in your body will absolutely effect how you look on the outside.

I have to wash my face every night. Not necessarily because it’s a beauty rule but I can’t fall asleep if I don’t. I’ve tried.


The person whose hair I’d love to have for a week would be...Miranda Kerr.

The person whose closet I'd love to raid is...Olivia Palermo.

I spend way too much money on…food at Fresh Market.

My purse is never complete without...a hair tie, a pen and something for my lips. Anything.

My secret beauty weapon is...Air-Tan.

My celebrity crush is...Victoria Beckham.

My favorite place to go to get away is…my childhood home in Michigan.

The best advice I've received is... “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” My dad told me that.

I dream of...writing a book.


Thanks for sharing your Mane Details with us, Leslie!


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