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The Science Behind Curly Hair

I admit it: I have always struggled with having curly hair, especially when I was younger.

I would constantly ask my mom, "Why do all the other girls have straight hair and mine is curly?" My mom would answer, "You're just more unique than everyone else."


Model with Curly Hair

As I've come to love my curly hair and all it's unique properties, I've dug a little deeper into the science behind curly hair and why it is actually different than straight hair. Here are few key things to know about the science behind the curl in your hair.

It's in the genes:  Whether it's your great-grandmother's aunt or your immediate relative, most of the reason behind why curly hair is actually curly is actually genes.

Hair follicles determine shape: The hair follicle, which is the part of your skin that actually grows your hair, tends to determine if your hair is curly hair or straight. The 'curvature' or texture of your hair is determined by the follicle. Asymmetrical follicles have hair that is more oval and in turn is more curly. And, symmetrical follicles have hair is more round and in turn is straighter.


Curly Hair Vs Straight Hair

Keratin: Your hair is composed of the protein, Keratin, frequently seen in a lot of treatment products. The Keratin protein is found in the hair shaft of your hair. The certain design of these proteins in your hair shaft forms a more coiled design in turn, making hair curly.


Keratin protein in hair This is the molecular structure of your hair. Pretty cool, huh?

All curls are different: While different genes, curvature or the curls and structure of the curl can determine the curliness of hair, the answer behind curly hair still isn't an exact science. While there are factors in what determines the make up of a curly hair strand, each types of curl can different depending on various factors.

Human hair is a complex structure: While I am not chemist, one thing I've have learned is that hair is a complex structure, even if it's straight or curly. We're just all more unique that everyone else with our hair so, embrace it!


The Science Behind Curly Hair

For the love of (curly) hair,



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