The Wet Brush: Your Cure for Tangled Hair Woes

The Wet Brush Your Cure for Tangled Hair Woes
Tangles, tugging, tearing, torture. If your brush isn't helping you win your daily hair battles, get ready to rejoice: the losing streak is over.

The Wet Brush is the ultimate styling tool for working through hair without snafu--whether coarse and curly or straight and fine. And unlike most hair brushes, it can work through wet and dry styles--even wigs--while making sure hair stays healthy and looking sharp.

This series comes in a handful options to make sure you can tackle your hair needs with the right tools:

The Classic Wet Brush
With a traditional oval shape, this option is perfect for gliding through any hair type and multiple lengths. The Intelliflex™ bristles are strong for getting through tough tangles but flexible to eliminate damage and pain that commonly comes with detangling. SofTips™ bristles give added comfort, massaging and stimulating the scalp for healthy follicles and growth.

Wet Brush Paddle
This Wet Brush blends the flexible, durable Intelliflex™ bristles and SofTips™ for pain-free styling on a larger scale. The wide, rectangular size is perfect for longer hair lengths, especially for straight, smooth styling with a blow out.

Shine Brush
The Shine Brush pairs Intelliflex™ design with Mongolian Boar bristles for the ultimate brushing experience that creates smooth, natural shine. The brush effortlessly works through hair while distributing natural oils to create balance and improve dry strands. This is the perfect option for dry styling, especially when partnered with dry shampoo, which the brush evenly distributes for fresh looking styles all day long.

Wet Comb
The Wet Comb is an all-star tool for all hair lengths, especially thick hair prone to tangling. The waved teeth design evenly works through hair, getting rid of knots and making sure hair is ready for styling.

Hot Brush
The Hot Brush™ can take the heat--up to 450ºF (230ºC) to be exact. This brush introduces ThermaFlex™ bristles into the Wet Brush line, giving the option of durable, tough bristles that make thermal styling a breeze. The round design features an easy-grip rubber handle and ceramic coated barrel complete with ionic properties. It locks in moisture during styling, giving soft, shiny, healthy hair that's smooth and luxurious to the touch. The Hot Brush's size options--1.5 inch, 2 inch, and 2.5 inch--is the ultimate tool for all hair lengths and regular heat styling.

Ready for days of tangle-free looks? Shop the full The Wet Brush collection here.

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