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The Woman’s Guide to Making it Through Movember

The Woman’s Guide to Making it Through Movember

Attention ladies, we’re well into Movember. How are you handling things? If you feel like that hairy caterpillar below your man’s nose and above his lip is getting a little out of control, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created The Woman’s Guide to Making it Through Movember just for you.


When the men in our lives choose to grow a mustache, it’s important they know how to take care of it. Since some gentlemen tend to let things go wild, this is where you come in. Help him! Show him pictures of mustachioed men who've learned the art of grooming, and hopefully he’ll feel encouraged to try out that style during Movember.

Product Love

Shop the Loxa Movember page and pick out 2-3 key products you think would be helpful during and after this no-shave month. Hopefully he'll be open to your grooming suggestions. Remind him that you want him to look and feel his best (plus, it's a bonus for you too), and perhaps he'll start a new grooming regimen that he'll adopt forever. Gibs Grooming beard oil is great for keeping facial hair soft, while American Crew's Moisturizing Shave Cream and Woody's Shave Lather are perfect for after your gent is over the facial hair.


During Movember I can practically smell my husband’s last meal on his mustache (cue the ‘eww’). Make sure you man is combing it regularly and giving it a good cleaning after each meal. Also, I understand it’s Movember, but I think a little trim or wax to keep things well styled won’t hurt (hint, hint - nudge, nudge).

Remember...It’s For a Good Cause!

Ladies, as much as some of us loathe this month, let’s remember that the men in our lives are doing this to bring attention to a really great cause: men’s health. Movember uses the power of the moustache to create conversations and raise funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.

Now go forth and help your man rock the rest of Movember without losing your mind!

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