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Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair

Bored of sporting a ponytail Every. Single. Day?

Feeling more boho rather than boho chic?

Did your boyfriend just break-up with you?

Did you accept a new job?

There are a million different reasons why women decide to dramatically cut their hair: some of them for the best, and some others out of impulse.  Regardless of what drives or inspires you to make the chop, make sure you go over this checklist in order to ensure you’re thoroughly prepared. Because even though hair always grows back, getting a significant haircut is big change.


Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair

1. What is the #1 reason you’re cutting your hair?

Be honest with yourself here, because regardless of what anyone else may tell you, you are ultimately the person who will be living with the decision, and the cut.  No one is forcing you to make the cut - so there is no one to point the finger at if you don’t like it, not even your stylist.  I recommend making a list of all the various emotions you have been feeling when thinking about cutting your hair, and trying to pinpoint the one that is influencing you the most.


emma watson Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair

2. When it comes to taking risks, what kind of person are you?

If you consider adding layers to your hair, then you are not much of a risk taker, and that is a-okay!  However, even though you love Emma Watson with a pixie, that does not mean you’d love you with a pixie.  Also, if you do not handle substantial change well, drastically cutting your hair may be more traumatic than liberating for you.  Make sure to consider how you tend to handle significant situations, and factor that into the decision to cut your hair. If change stresses you out, stick to subtle changes with your hair that will make you happy, such as long bangs or slightly altering your hair color.  For instance, Jennifer Aniston is a hair icon, but has never dramatically changed her hair.


3. Where are you in your life?

I’m going to use myself as an example here.  I am constantly experimenting with my hair.  I’ve done blonde, very blonde, natural, dark, and now red and have probably had my hair cut every length short of shaving my head.  However, now that I am career oriented, I need to make sure my hair is a sophisticated color and style in order to be respected as a professional by my peers.  Just because I have to make sure my hair is chic does not mean it has to be boring. In fact, I’ve learned that it is anything but that, and rely on famous powerful women to inspire me, such as the ones featured in Powerful Women, Powerful Hair.  However, if you are in college or are the owner of your own business, rock a bold cut and fun colors- it may even help with promote you and/or your biz!

Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair4. Have you done your homework?

Finally, make sure you have not only thought long and hard about changing your hair, but have also thoroughly researched the cut you are considering.  Bring in several pictures of the cut. Ask all of your trusted friends and family since they know your personality the best. And most importantly, schedule a consultation with your stylist and trust his or her professional opinion - it is their job to make you look and feel your best!

If you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair for while, feel strong and confident about it, and have confirmation that it would a great change, then it sounds like you’re ready to make the cut!  If not, then take all the time you need to ponder these critical questions.In the meantime make a small change, even if it’s just trying a new updo or accessory.  Here are some ideas for festive hair accessories.

For the love of hair,


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