Tips for Maintaining your Manicure

One beauty problem that drives me crazy: chipped nails. After all the time we spend on our home manicures, it can be frustrating to have your nails chip a day later!

Want to keep your manicure in tact? Try these top 5 tips for maintaining your manicure:

how to maintain your manicure at home
Buff your Nails
Once you've taken your nail polish off, buff your nails using a nail buffer. These are super affordable and remove all of the residue left from your last manicure. Buffing your nails helps provide the most clean surface possible for starting a manicure.
Use a Base Coat
I know this can seem like one extra step in the process but it's necessary. Nail polish goes on much smoother on top of a base coat than just your buffed nail. Trust me, this will add at least a few days to the lasting power of your manicure.
Gloves are your friend
While wearing rubber gloves might seem like a time warp, it seriously saves your nails. Use rubber gloves while doing any cleaning, especially when you're using harsh cleaning products.
how to maintain your manicure at home
Moisturizing your cuticles is really important! Using a cuticle cream is essential for keeping the skin around your nail soft, preventing infections and maintaining overall healthier and stronger nails.
Try a quick-dry top coat
Keep your nail polish set in place with a quick-drying top coat. Using a top coat is really essential for preventing chipping and keeping your nail polish lasting even longer. Try salon quality brands like OPI and Morgan Taylor.
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