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7 Tips for Postpartum Hair Loss

Did you know the average head loses 100 hairs a day? Of course, this doesn’t happen all at once, so most of us don’t notice our daily hair loss.

Tips for Postpartum Hair Loss

Pregnancy certainly changes your hair because the pregnancy hormones keep those hairs from falling out. So, once the baby is born, your body tries to return to normal. And the hair shedding begins!

You won’t go bald, even if your hair brush tries to tell you otherwise. However, the post-partum hair loss can last months. In fact, some mothers say their hair didn’t return to normal until their little one was celebrating his / her first birthday.

So what can you do to pass the time? Follow these six tips:

1. Pack your diet with healthy foods and continue taking a prenatal vitamin supplement.

2. Be extra gentle during your shedding season. Only shampoo your hair when necessary, and use a great conditioner. On your “days off” from shampooing, keep your hair looking fabulous and smelling great by using dry shampoo.

Tips for Postpartum Hair Lossred-carpet hairstyles at weddings or cocktail parties, but now is the time to keep your hair down and embrace other hairstyles.

3.  Limit your blow drying, curling iron, and straightener time until you the postpartum shedding lessens or stops completely. Your hair will need a break from extra heat that can cause damage. If you can't give up your beloved straightener, make sure you stock up on heat repair products such as Rusk Sensories Brilliance Leave-In Spray Conditioner,

4. You might be dying for a post-baby makeover, but talk to your stylist and doctor about when you should start coloring or highlighting your hair again. You might want to hold off on a total transformation until your hair loss improves.

5.  Use products that are geared to strengthen and re-build your hair. You can even find some products that made especially for hair loss. Loxa Beauty's CMO and Co-Founder of Danielle McDowell shares her postpartum hair loss story and recommends products that worked well for her here.

Tips for Postpartum Hair Loss6.  Talk to your doctor about your hair loss if it becomes excessive or lasts longer than a year. When hair loss is associated with other symptoms, you could be facing a more serious condition such as postpartum thyroiditis.

So, don’t let postpartum hair loss get you down! Remember, you aren’t alone- and your doctor, friends, and stylist are here for you.

Just promise me one thing, don’t go crazy and pull a Britney (aka shave off all your hair). I find shaving your hair for someone you love admirable, but I promise you - better days are ahead.

So, what other tips do you have for moms who are experiencing postpartum hair loss?

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