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10 Tips for Putting Together Your Holiday Salon Packages

We have all received (or a given) an awful Christmas gift- everything from socks with jingle bells on them to tacky Christmas sweaters that you'll never wear (unless you're invited to an ugly sweater party). As a stylist, you can create salon packages as unique and fun as everyone on your Christmas list. Here are 10 tips for putting together your holiday salon packages.

1. Be creative your package titles. I am always inspired to purchase gifts if it has a fun theme. A few ideas include: 12 Days of Christmas (this package should include a total of 12 items- everything from nail polish to a product to a haircut coupon), Stocking Stuffer (smaller sized products, combs, and teasing brushes would be great for this package), and Santa’s Helper (for the little ones).

2. Apply psychology principles to your pricing. I once read that a salon package is more appealing when the difference in price of a single service vs. buying a package is made obvious. List the most expensive package first and show the discount that applies to every level. As a result, your clients will begin thinking the middle to higher priced packages aren’t so bad!

3. Develop packages around all services available at your salon. Sure, you can create a haircut and a color package, but what about the other services your salon provides? Add in spray tans, pedicures, waxes, and massages into your packages!

4. Create more than one package. I know, I know- this might sound obvious, but I think this concept is easy to overlook! Because I am a foodie, I’ll use this analogy: Imagine you’re at a burger joint. Would you rather the option of hamburger vs. cheese burger OR both of those burgers vs. bleu cheese bacon burger vs. bbq burger vs. veggie burger? Some restaurants even offer a build your own burger! You can apply this theory by creating a “Build Your Own” salon package. They get to select 2-3 options for the package that best fit their needs!

5. Develop a contest to increase purchases. In order to encourage all the stylists at your salon to sell the packages, make a contest out of who can sell the most packages. Offer prizes for the top sellers at your salon such as a gift cards, new product or curling iron, or a paid day off. Most people are motivated to participate when you offer an incentive.

6. Don’t forget about the men! Be sure to put together packages for dads, husbands, boyfriends, and brothers. You can design creative coupons such as “wedding day haircut” for grooms-to-be or “game day haircut” for sporty spouses.

7. Reward the buyer. I’m always tempted to purchase gift cards for restaurants and stores when I get something in return. For example, offer your client half-off a service or product for every package they purchase.

8. Get social! We live in a technology world and some people would rather order gifts from the comfort of their own couch. Use your MyBFH profile, website, blog, Twitter account, Pinterest boards, or Facebook page to promote your packages and encourage online ordering. Post pictures of the packages, ask a few clients to help spread the word, and share the perks of each package with your followers.

Engage your followers by offering a “follower exclusive” sale, special price, or unique package.

9. Did someone say free? I’ll enter almost anything for a chance to win a free prize! In order to promote awareness and inspire purchases, give your clients a chance to win a free makeover or product by purchasing a package. Share the name and a picture of the winner on your website, blog, and social media accounts. They are likely to share the picture and post with their friends, which will direct more traffic to your website (which hopefully generates new business too).

10. Include sweet treats! Offer a cookie, chocolate covered pretzel, or hot chocolate kit for every package sold. A delicious treat (as a way to say thank you) can go a long way. Your client will walk out of the salon feeling beautiful, getting items checked off their Christmas list, and enjoying a treat for the ride home. Everyone wins.

Happy Holidays!

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