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4 Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Humidity-Proof

The summer weather has absolutely no mercy on natural hair. What could be your best twist out, might quickly turn into your worst.  Unless you are prepared!

best twist out

Keep your natural hair humidity-proof with this list of helpful tips!


Humid Days Are Perfect For "The Wash-And-Go Method"

wash and go

Knowing that the humidity in your area is at an all-time summer high means that it's time to figure out in advance, what you'll be doing with your hair.

Tip  # 1 : Opt for the "wash-and-go" method. The "wash-and-go method" is perfect for humid days and is generally the route I chose.  Use a mixture of leave-in conditioner and a little hair gel to set and define your curls. You can be carefree for the rest of the day without worry of your curls going all "cray-cray" on you!



Keep Protective Styles In Until Fully Dry

twists dry

A protective style can serve many different purposes. From giving your hair a break from daily styling to allowing you to explore new curl patterns. If you are opting for a twist / braid-out as your protective style, be sure to leave them in until they are fully dry. Generally most twists / braids are done on wet hair and can take anywhere from eight to twelve hours to fully dry. Removing them early will result in frizz and also leave your hair with little to no definition. Add humidity to the mix and you've just wasted all of your hard work from the night before.

Tip # 2 : Try twisting your hair hours before you head to bed so that if you need to start your morning early, your hair will be dry and ready to go. If your hair easily frizzes, try adding a gel-based product in your routine to add hold. After removing twists/ braids, spray a little anti-humidity spray for added protection!

Bun It

natural hair bun

Sometimes it's hard climbing out of bed, let alone wondering what the weather might be. If you've found yourself in a rush with time and your hair just isn't doing anything right, what are you going to do?

Tip # 3 : Bun it. The easiest hairstyle on the planet. On my busiest, biggest "hair fail" days I always wear my hair in a bun.  There is no fight with humidity there, either! Secure your hair into a firm ponytail and use a hair gel to smooth down the edges of your hair. Use hair pins to secure any loose pieces and off you go!


Less Is More

blowout natural hair

After wearing my hair straight for two weeks, I have learned one piece of key advice: Less is more. Natural hair frizzes easily when over-saturated with product.

Tip # 4 : When prepping your hair to blow-dry, section hair into four sections, and only use one pump per section of humidity-proof styling cream. Too much will weigh your hair down. Your hair should feel light and flowy to the touch after blow-drying, instead of thick and heavy. If your hair feels heavy, it is generally a sign that you have used too much product. Take the same advice when straightening. I stay away from heavy oils-like coconut-that add moisture, but also attract humidity.  Use anti-humidity sprays that protect against heat damage and frizz. One of my current favorite's is the Bain de Terre Magnolia Thermal Iron Protector!

You can also try wearing your hair in box braids or havana twists for protective styling throughout the summer to give it a break. Use this post as a guide for humid days and I promise you'll have much better results!

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