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4 Tips To Tackle A Bad Hair Day

If you’re anything like me, whether you wake up ready to conquer the world, or you oversleep your alarm and wake up in horror 10 minutes before the most important meeting of your career, glancing into the mirror and witnessing the utter horror of a bad hair day can be cause enough for a mini panic attack.  In fact, I think I dread bad hair days more than I dread any other beauty dilemma!

Stressful and always unexpected, its hard to hold your head high and feel like your confident self (or even to brave a public appearance at all) when you feel like your hair has a personal vendetta against you.  Follow these fool-proof tips to tackle even the worst bad hair days, and reclaim your status as a hair goddess.

1.  Get the right cut.  Every bad hair day starts with the wrong hair cut.  While it may be tempting to have your stylist give you those trendy new bangs, or face slimming layers, that might actually just increase your chances of waking up to a tress terror.  Not every cut works for every head of hair, or every lifestyle.

hairstylist natural haircut

To minimize your chances of having a bad hair day, be sure you are keeping you in mind.  Celebrity hairstylist Nick Arrojo explains, “if you work with your hair in its natural state, you will achieve greater success in maintaining your style”.  That means that if your hair has a natural wave, or always flips in the same place, discuss it with your stylist, and try to incorporate it into your style rather than fight it on a daily basis.  Also keep in mind what kind of daily maintenance you are looking for.  If your mornings are jam packed, then a complicated ‘do that doesn't look good without significant styling time is probably not your best option.  Combat bad hair days in advance by getting a cut that works with your daily routine.

2.  Deep clean.  A lot of times our hair washing routine is a lot less effective than we think, leaving our manes vulnerable to mess.  Dirty hair is not only limp and lifeless, but it knots, sticks and tangles far more easily than clean hair.  One of the most valuable pieces of hair care advice I was ever given was to start washing my scalp. Taking a few extra minutes to massage your shampoo into the scalp fights excess oil, product build up, and dead hair at the roots, plus it feels amazing.

deep condition

Another way to keep your hair happy is to be sure you are leaving your conditioner in long enough to do its job.  Every kind is different, but some need to be left in up to 10 minutes to really penetrate and condition your hair!  Read the bottle to figure out how long yours needs.  After rubbing down your scalp and carefully washing your hair, make sure to thoroughly rinse it out with water, washing out all of the product.  Then, avoid wasting all that hard work by immediately touching it with dirty brushes and styling tools.  Regularly clean your hair tools - whether they look dirty or not - to free them of gunk and product buildup, which can coat even the cleanest of strands. 

3.  Blow some life in it.  If you're a blow dry girl like me, be sure you aren't blowing the life out of your hair.  To add fullness and avoid flattening that volume you work so hard for, dry your hair at the roots first, blowing up and away from whichever direction you plan to style your hair in.  Alternating between hot and cool air locks in the body and keeps your hair looking lively.  Don't have time to jump in the shower or dampen your hair to dry it?  No problem, try spritzing in some dry shampoo, which absorbs excess oil and grease clinging to your strands, and leaves hair with a more styleable texture.  We love KMS California HairPlay Makeover Spray (spoiler alert: it also smells amazing).  Just dab it onto your roots, turn hair upside down and blow dry for a minute, flip hair back, and gaze into the fresh, voluminous locks that you called a "bad hair day" just moments ago.

4.  Styles that work.  No matter how careful you are, sometimes preventative measures just aren't enough... there will still be days when you feel like the hair gods have cursed you, or at least your mane.  Just because your hair won't shape out how you planned, however, doesn't mean you have to go out looking like Medusa.  Practice a few of these fool-proof do's, and pick one or two that work best with your tresses to store in your arsenal and whip out it in a hair-mergency.

  • The power pony.  Whoever said ponytails are for lounging around hasn't seen this glamorous take on the pony.  Take a cue from Kim Kardashian and rock a super sleek pony.  Follow our easy photo tutorial and kiss your bad hair day fears kardashian sleek power pony kenra
  • The sock bun.  Chic and oh-so-easy, your friends will think you spent hours on this sleek 2-minute-look.  Plus, it pulls in all the crazy stray hairs and smooths out unruly strands.  Check out our quick tutorial on the ballerina-inspired 'do here.easy sock bun updo
  • The front poof.  Ok, ok I know... Snooki has made "the poof" rather infamous.  But don't let her extreme Jersey Shore version dissuade you from trying out this adorable, fashion-forward 'do.  Read our easy how-to here.reese witherspoon half up half down front poof
  • The messy bun.  This classic is the ultimate way to work with the mess, not against it.  If you're having a hard time getting your bun to stay put, forgo the bobby pins and try out the Goody Spin Pin.messy bun updo
  • Accessorize!  If you aren't heading into an office, then the winter is the perfect time to cover up messy tresses with an adorable hat, or festive scarf.  Your friends will be way too busy oogling over your fashionable accesories to notice the bed head underneath.


Bad hair days might throw a wrench in your morning, but don't let them ruin your whole day! Instead, embrace the opportunity to reflect on where your daily hair care routine could use a little fine tuning, whip out a fun fool-proof 'do, and show the world that yes, you do still have a gorgeous head of hair. Have any killer tips for when bad hair days strike? Leave a comment and let us know!

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