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Top 10 Most Outrageous Avant Garde Hairstyles

Avant-garde.  French words used to describe endeavors that are experimental or innovative.  A category used to push artists, designers, politicians, and of course, stylists past the boundaries of normal or ordinary to aid in cultural progression.

Hair, a pertinent component of fashion and design, has proved to be an excellent medium for artistic expression.  Runways now not only showcase imaginative fashion, but also hair to complete looks that stun and leave a lasting impression on our minds.  Here is a list of the ten most outrageous avant-garde hairstyles that even would perhaps even surprise Lady Gaga, pop culture’s avant-garde hairstyle darling!

1. Cut

Bold, blunt lines in addition to its impracticality with intentionally hiding the eyes makes this cut edgy and completely outside the box of what is 'normal' for hair.

2. Color

It's rich, vibrant, bold, and it's blue.  Completely saturated and challenging the idea of 'natural' hair color.

3. Length

The exaggerated length of this woman's hair defies the concept of cutting hair at all.  Her hair also looks healthy, thick, and strong.  It appears more like armor than hair.

4. Volume

This mohawk has been taken to new extremes, and not just with its lavender hue.  The volume of this style is extreme and perfected in its intended shape, bringing tough to whole new heights.

5. Texture

While this work hair art also defies the standards of volume, its texture is the showstopper.  It's frizzy, fluffy, ethereal.

6. Height (and White!)

Height can be dramatic on it's own, but defining the excessive height of hair with shades of black or white make the height of hair even more dramatic.

7. Curls

This hair is masterfully manipulated to generate this extreme amount of hair with such a stunning collection of diversely defined curls.

8. Structure

Since when does hair have sharp angles?  Sculpting hair into a perfect square pushes the standards of what shape hair can- and should- be.  The structure of this style shatters previous ideas of blunt lines.

9. Design

Yes, this is not a hair style, but rather a hair design.  It appears that perfecting each line and curve of the hair may have taken just as much time as each line and curve on the exquisitely designed dress.  Truly a head to toe, avant-garde design.

10. Interpreted

This hair has been transformed into bright, tropical feathers, complete with the bird.

Whether it's bold and edgy, bright and beautiful, or completely whimsical, avant-garde hair has proven that hair styling is truly a work of art.

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