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Top 10 Tips to Feel Happy about your Hair

Despite our most valiant efforts to love ourselves (queue self-help mantra), sometimes we need a little reminder. It’s taken me a long time to embrace my curly hair and it’s still a battle to love my curly locks, but, I’ve learned to feel happy about hair, everyday.

Even if you’re not having the best hair day, you still have a lot to be thankful for with your hair! Here are my Top 10 Tips to Feel Happy about your Hair, no self-help mantras needed.

 10 tips to feel happy about your hair from Loxa Beauty

1. Update your style - Whether  you’ve got super curly or stick straight hair, it’s always fun to change up your style. Take five minutes to make your curly hair a little waiver with a straightening gel or your straight hair to have a little more volume with a root boost.G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra Hollywood screening

2. Rework your part - Always part your hair on the same side? Start parting your hair down the middle, to the right or to the left to add some dimension to your hair. It’s an easy way to spice up your look and love your hair.


3. Stop looking around - Stop comparing your hair to everyone else. Rather than just memorizing over other people’s locks, embrace yours. It’s taken me over 25 years to realize this fact and I’ve never been happier with my curly hair.

4. Try an updo - Sick of the same old do? Try an easy updo that will add some flirtiness to your hair. Some of my most favorite ones for summer include the curly hair sock bun and upside braid bun.shutterstock_97019501

5. Use a hair masque - Healthy hair is happy hair. Using a hair masque will revitalize any damage and restore ultimate moisturize. I instantly feel better about my hair after using a hair masque.

6. Pick your stylist’s brain - Your stylist knows more about hair than you. They are experts in styling products, hair types and how to best take care of your hair. Ask your stylist about ways to feel better about your hair. They will be thrilled!


7. Experiment with styling products - While we love our favorite hair care products, try switching up your daily routine by using a new product! I recently started using more styling cremes instead of just gels and it gives my curly hair a whole new look.

8. Embrace your natural hair texture - Constantly applying heat to hair can leave it very damaged. Try applying minimal heat to your heat for a few days and start embracing your natural hair texture.shutterstock_161033051

9. Test out different styling tools - Recently I tried a new styling tool for curly hair and it has changed my restyling routine. Test out different curling wands or hot rollers to give your hair an entirely new look.

10. Enjoy it - No one's hair is exactly the same, that's what makes each of us unique. It's hard to love your hair every day but with a few quick changes, you'll be happier about your hair this summer.

For the love of hair,


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