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Top 5 Wedding Day Must-Haves for Curly Hair

Congratulations on your engagement! The big day is fast approaching and while it's important to manage all the tiny details, your beauty look is one of the most fun things to plan. This is YOUR day to feel the most beautiful and joyful you've ever felt so it's important to make sure you're using the best products for your curly hair.

Whether you're using a stylist or doing your own hair, prepping your hair before the big day is extremely important. Here are my top 5 wedding day must-haves for curly hair including products that you'll want to start using leading up to your wedding day:

Defrizzing conditioner

Whatever season it is on your wedding day, you want to eliminate as much frizz as possible for all the photographs being taken. Most professional photographers will edit out any fly aways, but a lot of candid shots will be on social media, so it's important to start prepping your hair as much as possible. A week before the wedding, try to only wash your hair one time and use a super moisturizing conditioner at least four times that week. I recommend DevaCurl One Conditioner, which works almost like a leave-in conditioner and made my curls have virtually no frizz.

Deva Curl Condition Wedding Day Preperation
A pre-styling creme

The most challenging part about curly hair at events is keeping your curls looking beautifully natural but staying in place. The best product to start your styling process is a styling cream, as these types of formulations help keep the structure of the hair in place. Use sparingly, as you'll need a few other products for the big day. I recommend several products that aren't necessarily formulated specifically for curly hair but are perfect for a bridal look. Try the Redken Shine Brilliance 01 Outshine Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk, which has shea butter in it and really reduces frizz or Brocato Texture Créme which adds a richness to your curls that will leave them looking beautiful throughout the entire day.

Wedding Day Preperation

A heat protectant

More than likely, you'll be blow drying your hair on your wedding day to get the texture you desire to create the foundation for your style. Using a pre-styling product on your hair significantly helps maintain its health. Plus, you'll need to start protecting your hair from more damage down the road while you're sun bathing or skiing on your honeymoon. Use a protection-focused product before using any hot styling tool to keep your hair silky and smooth for the big day. My favorite is the Kenra Hot Spray 20 which I used in tandem with an argan oil and my hair was extremely silky and smooth after a quick blow dry.

Wedding Day Preperation

A strong hold spray gel

This is an imperative product for your wedding day. While you do want your hair to be soft and smooth, you also want to make sure that any weather elements will not effect the beautiful style that you've created. Using a strong hold spray gel specifically designed for curly hair can keep the natural shape of your curls while holding the style in place for the thousands of pictures that will be taken. I recommend Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray, a great go-to spray gel for many hair types and DevaCurl Spray Gel, which is formulated perfectly for curly locks!

Wedding Day Preparation
A smooth finishing serum

One my most recommended products for curly hair are smooth finishing serums. What these products do is eliminate any frizziness that may be caused from the styling process. The key to success of these products is the formulation: it's not too wet or too dry so it won't have a negative impact on the style that's been created. I'd suggest that you start testing this type of product a few months before, to find your favorite.


Remember that it's your special day, so be sure to spend some time finding the best products for your hair. But, most of all, have fun!

For the love of (wedding) hair,


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