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Transitioning Curly Hair from Summer to Fall

Bring out the sweaters, trenches and pumpkin spice lattes, ladies. Fall is around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about transitioning your curly locks from summer to fall. Follow these few tips to make the transition from summer to fall easy with curly hair.


1. Do a hair treatment: With all the chlorine, lake water and hot weather, your curly hair is in need of some moisture restoration. Using a deep conditioning treatment or hair masque on your curly hair will restore shine and definition to the curls for the fall. I highly recommend Brocato Constructor Deep Repair Treatment.



Brocato Constructor Deep Repair Treatment


2. Tone down the product: Humidity in the summer is phasing out so you should be able to use less product on your curly hair, making it feel healthier! I love using more creme-based products in the fall to add dimension to my curly locks.


3. Experiment with color: There are so many beautiful hair colors that are trendy for fall so book an appointment with your stylist to change up your do for the fall!

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4. Let your hair air dry: The summer months can be really damaging on your curly hair with UV exposure, humidity and even your hair dryer so try letting your hair air dry a few days this fall.


5. Try a new hair cut: Even if it's just getting a trim, try out a new hair style this fall!




What types of things will you do to transition your curly hair this fall?

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