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Transitioning Tresses: Winter to Spring

thick hair See untamed childhood hair humiliation to the left; See updated silky tamed tresses to the right.

When I say I have a lot of hair, I'm not kidding. Some would go so far as to say Chewbacca and I are first cousins (okay, not THAT close). Whatever our relation, the last thing Baccy and I want after a  long winter of trying to control the 15 pounds of hair we have on our heads, is for it to be season shocked into even more damage.

Here are the facts. The dryness of winter strips your hair of it's health. There is probably a chance you walked outside with wet hair, enjoyed a fun day dealing with co-workers playing with your static tresses, and saw enough dandruff to make your own personal snowball. Now, listen up ladies, this is where I made my mistake last year. I assumed that since winter stripped my hair of moisture, spring would just naturally replenish that moisture....right? Well, yes. Except spring is so moist that hair ends up with the winter problem...reversed (think oily, flat and lifeless). So, how do we avoid another hairtastrophy?

The Three Step Haircovery from a Hairtastrophy Program:

Step one: Panic. Go get a trim. Tell your stylist to kill those dead ends. This doesn't mean "I haven't gotten a haircut in a year so only cut off 1/4 of an inch." Cut ALL that winter damage off and give your tresses a fresh look for Spring!

Step Two: Check your tools. You need a ceramic straightener, an ionic blow-dryer, a thick comb to brush hair when wet, and a soft bristled hair brush. Missing these? Run, don't walk, to the store and pick them up. (Run=bikini bod, you're welcome)

Step Three: Make a new spring hair routine. Below, I listed my top products to get tresses back in check. The best part?  By purchasing through us, you support your stylist. Happy hair. Happy stylist. Happy you. Oh, and happy me...damaged hair makes me nauseous.

Hair Recovery Products


1. Sebastian Halo Mist - Protects hair from UV rays. Face it, you're going to be basking in the sunshine now that the weather is warm. Protecting your hair and scalp is just as important as protecting your skin (you do wear SPF, right?! Good.)

2. Kenra Clarifying Shampoo - Eliminates buildup from chlorine/saltwater as well as restores natural shine of hair. Unless you are a super diva who doesn't plan on having your Wild Things (Denise Richards), "slowly exiting the pool" need this shampoo to fix up those tresses after a dip!

3. Simply Smooth Simply Smooth xtend Keratin Replenishing Spray Shine Aerosol - Protects against heat styling. Imagine it, you're laying on a blanket staring and the stars when your significant other runs their hands through your hair and (uh-oh) feels like an itchy blanket since you basically lit it on fire with your straightener. Date ruined. Now imagine what it will be like when they run their fingers through your soft, luscious locks. Puts a ring on it. You're welcome.

4. Nioxin Intensive Therapy Deep Repair Hair Masque - Prevents hair from becoming brittle and damaged. If you didn't catch on earlier from my childhood hair nightmare, damaged hair looks like crap. I can't even be nice about it. It's a tragedy. Lucky for you, this treatment saves hair lives. Use it before your tresses are past repair and you are forced to shave your head.

5. Paul Mitchell Teatree Special Conditioner - Restores and protects hair down to it's core. Those mornings in the Spring when you wake up and want to go to work dressed like you just pranced off the runway but are forced to wear sweats because your hair looks so bad it ruins the outfit? Yeah, won't happen with this conditioner.

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