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Travel Essentials for Curly Hair

It's vacation season! Which means, mastering the dreaded packing game. There are many ways to maintain healthy hair while you're traveling, but what to pack? Traveling with curly hair can be challenging with the changes in humidity and the amount of products we need to keep our curly hair looking beautiful.

Be sure to pack some of these travel essentials for curly hair while you're traveling this summer.

Argan Hair Oil - A little bit of product goes a long way while you're traveling. An argan oil is the perfect every-day product to eliminate frizz and style your hair quickly while you're on vacation. Plus, you can use a tiny drop on your hair before your evening plans to freshen up your hair. I recommend using Redken All Soft Aragan-6 Oil!

Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil

Travel Bottles  -  These are an absolute must-have travel essential for curly hair. We can't get away with using just one styling product so these small, airplane friendly bottles make traveling with your hair products so easy. Travel with more liquid based products to make using the bottles easier.


A leave-in conditioner - Most leave-in conditioners can now be doubled-up as a styling product like my favorite, DevaCurl B'Leave In. This product defines, defrizzes and moisturizers curls extremely well and is a perfect every-day styling product for travel. Plus, it's easily transportable in the mini travel bottles.

DevaCurl B' Leave In

Dry shampoo-  We know how important it is to shampoo less with curly hair, so using a dry shampoo will keep your hair feeling clean without worrying about carrying big shampoo bottles through security. I recommend the KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray (it's a favorite of both our Co-Founder and Marketing Manager!)

KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray

Bobby pins - Use an old pill bottle to load up on bobby pins while you're traveling. Bobby pins are the easiest way to create a super simple vacation-friendly hair look without constantly pulling your curls back into a tight ponytail!  shutterstock_133275446

Diffuser - While not every diffuser will fit properly onto the hotel room's hair dryer, most are a standard size. Eliminate packing your hair dryer and save the space for more shoes by packing a diffuser to make hair drying even easier while on vacation.shutterstock_162634613

Do you have any travel essentials for curly hair?

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