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Treat Your Scalp To Some TLC With Malibu C

Treat Your Scalp To Some TLC With Malibu C

We're all looking for little tweaks in our beauty routine that can have a dramatic effect. That's where Malibu C comes in.  As pioneers in wellness personal care, Malibu C features preservative-free treatments which remove damaging environmental impurities, specifically those hidden in our water. These impurities diminish the vitality of both hair and skin, but with Malibu C we're able to gently remove damaging toxins and unwanted residue.

As a result, hair becomes shinier and full of life while skin appears smoother, softer and more luminous.  “Our mission is to educate the beauty profession and beauty consumers about what we've discovered, how we apply it, and how they can, too," says Tom Porter, Malibu C's Founder and President.

One of our favorite products is Malibu C's Scalp Wellness line. It's particularly wonderful in the winter months when our scalps become dryer. But it's also great for daily use for more sensitive scalps. Why should you consider using the Scalp Wellness line?

  • Improves appearance of scalp
  • Removes mineral buildup
  • Soothes dry scalp

One reviewer with fine, but thick hair commented that she's had a drier scalp her entire life. "It's a bit worse in the winter when my skin dries out," says Sarah E., "but it's a year-round thing. I could write this shampoo and conditioner a love letter. First and foremost, my hair feels amazing to the touch. It's silky and sleek and I can't stop running my fingers through it. The scalp treatment felt very soothing, as well, and has played a role in that improvement."

Malibu C Scalp Wellness Kit

Sarah also raves about the scent of Scalp Wellness. "The spearmint is refreshing and light, not overwhelming like a floral scent." Malibu C's products are formulated without any medications or harsh ingredients and fragrances that can exacerbate scalp issues.

Malibu C's Marketing Manager, Leslie Wade, notes, "Our Scalp Therapy Wellness Remedy is my product of choice, because it soothes my dry scalp and provides instant relief. Because hard water minerals are a trigger of many common and severe scalp conditions, our Wellness Remedies are able to help manage the triggers and therefore provide me with instant relief."

Consumers are also raving about Malibu C and it how quickly it works. "The in-salon Malibu MakeOver and at-home Wellness Remedies work instantly. Any discoloration or tone issues will disappear and the hair will have more shine, vibrancy, body and bounce and the scalp will be normalized. Continued regular use of Malibu C will undoubtedly improve the look and feel of your hair," says Wade.

Whether you're fighting a dry scalp from the harsh winter air, or soothing a sensitive scalp, Malibu C's Scalp Wellness Kit will leave you wondering how you ever went without this little gem.


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