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Trend Love: Goddess Natural Hair Braids

Our obsession with all things braided continues with the goddess braid on natural hair. The goddess braid can be executed in a variety of beautiful patterns that work for workouts, protective styling or an easy everyday ‘do for natural hair.  Check out a few celebrity muses who have perfected this crowning hairstyle.


Tika Sumpter Goddess Natural Hair Braids

 Looking to keep your hair ends stylishly tucked away from damage and manipulation? Go for Tika Sumpter’s straightforward play on the halo goddess braid. You can start this versatile style on straightened hair or use it to show off a more textured hair pattern.

 Jada Pinkett Smith Trend Love: Goddess Natural Hair Braids

I'm in love with Jada Pinkett Smith's perfectly imperfect goddess braid bun. To get her look, part hair horizontally across the middle of the head from ear to ear, push the top half of the hair forward and begin braiding at the temple. Braid all the way around to the nape and then fashion the end into a bun or let the long remaining end hang on one side.

Zoe Saldana Trend Love: Goddess Natural Hair Braids

 Zoe Saldana’s goddess braids win with wispy front piecing and the enviable shine you get from using products shine sprays. Finish off the flirty braid style with a sexy lip and work this effortlessly pretty look all season long.


Trend Love: Goddess Natural Hair Braids LaLa Anthony

Perk up a fall inspired natural updo with a singular braid or get fancy with multiple braids at the crown like Lala Anthony. It's a spot on accent for her fun topknot.


The halo braid is a great basic braid (that feels anything but) to play up your natural style.


For the love of braided hair,




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