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Trend to Try: Bold Brows

Trend to Try- Bold Brows


I’m just gonna say it. Plucked to death brows are out and fuller bold brows are in.  I’m usually against in vs. out lists, but here are some compelling reasons to back away from the tweezers and consider going with brows of epic proportions.


They can make you look younger

Want to regain that fresh faced look of your youth? Try growing out your brows.  A bold brow goes a long way in taking years off and giving your face a more youthful appearance. It also helps if your eyes are treated with Sorme Anti-Puff Brightening Eye Gel to brighten and firm.


They frame your face better

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then bold brows are flattering shutters.  Fuller brows balance your face, showcase your cheekbones,  highlight bone structure and bring out your lovely eyes.


They’re lower maintenance

Thicker brows mean less tweezing, waxing and threading.  I’ve found that I can go twice as long between appointments while wearing a fuller brow!


If you’re working with eyebrows that are on the sparse side choose the right pencils or powders in the right shade (usually a few shades lighter) to achieve a soft natural look.  Nobody looks good with shellacked eyebrows and don’t forget to blend!

No matter how bold you decide to go with your brows, make sure they’re well groomed and shaped correctly to get the benefits listed above. Work the look with one (or all) of these hot fall hair trends and you're good to go!

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